…Equipped with a jump drive that allows the robot to jump and close on enemies when needed… – in-game description


The Griffin is a heavy robot with 2 medium and 2 light hardpoints. It was released in version 0.8.0.

This robot is one of the most recognizable robots in the game, and has a cockpit that looks like a plane's nose.

Griffin is one of the few robots that can jump. Although physically larger, it can jump higher and farther than the Cossack and the Rogatka, but at the cost of a 25 second cooldown timer. (Spending 6 seconds in the air, a 19 second interval from the last jump.)

Griffin is the most popular bot, due to the fact that although it has some serious firepower, it is still sold for silver. It is pretty slow, but with the ability to jump, can escape bad situation fast, or, on contrary, jump into the fight. It boasts two medium hardpoints and two light hardpoints. This robot is oriented around a sturdy assault strategy, as the medium-light hardpoints allow for a player to stack several rocket launchers or guns onto the same robot. For example, two Molots with two twin Molot T add up to around the equivalent of 5 Molots. For this reason, many players consider it one of the most versatile robots in the game.

In battle, it is common to see several Griffins at once with Pin/Tulumbas, Magnum/Taran, or Pinata/Orkan.

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Update History

Update 2.8.0

  • New skins

Update 2.5

  • Durability increased by 20%

Update 1.6.0

  • Speed increased from 28 km/h to 35 km/h


  • Its cockpit strongly resembles British bomber Handley Page Victor’s nose, body, and engine.
  • If you look very closely the Griffin has 4 tiny spikes on each foot, 2 on each ‘toe', possibly like the talons of the creature it was named after.
  • It is named after the Griffin, a mythical beast that had the head, wings and front legs of an Eagle and the rear torso, leg and tail of a Lion. This is likely due to its ability to “swoop” down on its enemies with its jump ability.
  • Griffin was named “the most popular robots” by Pixonic, according to their statistics, along with Magnum being the most popular weapon. It is not known if these two events are related due to Griffin being able to mount Magnums.

Griffin Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
71,0m117,000331d 6h
82,0m124,000341d 18h
95,0m132,000352d 2h
107,0m140,000352d 21h
1115m149,000353d 11h
1225m158,000353d 17h
Total56,7m158,0003515d 3h