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…Equipped with a jump drive that allows the robot to jump and close on enemies when needed… – in-game description

Griffin (Heavy Robot)

The Griffin is a Heavy Robot with 2 medium and 2 light hardpoints, one of the most recognizable robots in the game, and has a cockpit that looks like a plane's nose.

Alongside the Cossack and Rogatka, the Griffin is one of the few robots that can jump. Although physically larger, it can jump higher and farther than the Cossack and the Rogatka, but at the cost of a 25 second cool down timer.

At base Level 6, the Griffin stands at 110,000 health points and costs 1,700,000 silver. The Griffin can travel at 32 mph and, with the ability to jump, makes it quick and agile for a robot of this size and power. It boasts two medium hard points and two light hard points. This robot is oriented around a sturdy assault strategy, as the medium-light hard points allow for a player to stack several rocket launchers or guns onto the same robot. For example, two AC Molots with twin AC Molot Ts add up to six separate guns on one robot.

In battle, it is common to see several Griffins at once do battle with at least one of them sporting duplicates of either AC Molots or GAU Punishers.


  • This was released as part of the 0.8.0 update, 20th January 2015.
  • Its cockpit strongly resembles British bomber Handley Page Victor's nose, body and engine.
  • If you look very closely the griffin has 4 tiny spikes on each foot, 2 on each 'toe'
  • In the update 1.6.0 Griffin's base and max speed is increased.
  • It is named after the Griffin, a mythical bird that had the head, wings and front legs of an Eagle and the rear torso, leg and tail of a Lion. This is likely due to its ability to "swoop" down on it's enemies with its jump ability


  • 2.5: Hitpoints adjusted (level 6 from 92k to 110k)


Level Cost Health Speed Time
6 1,700k Ag 110,000 32 -
7 1,000k 117,000 33 1 day 6 hours
8 2,000k 124,000 34 1 day 18 hours
9 5,000k 132,000 35 2 days 2 hours
10 7,000k 140,000 35 2 days 21 hours
11 15,000k 149,000 35 3 days 11 hours
12 25,000k 158,000 35 3 days 17 hours

Note: Levels 8 to 11 need verification of health values.

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