…Heavy hardpoint is situated at the side which allows for uninterrupted fire from cover… – in-game description


The Golem is a Medium Robot with 1 × Heavy, 1 × Medium, and 1 × Light hardpoint and is the only robot with one of each type of hardpoint. It was the first in the Freedom Fighter’s Alliance (FFA) series.

While the Golem is similar to the Vityaz, it trades in some of the armor of its Russian counterpart to upgrade one of its light weapon hardpoints to a medium hardpoint. This grants the Golem the highest potential firepower of all medium-sized, non-premium robots. It also boasts reasonable starting health and speed.

The Golem is arguably one of the most versatile robots in the game. With firepower comparable to a Leo, speed of a Vityaz, and slightly stronger armor than a Patton, it can potentially either outrun or outgun most robots. Previously, the Golem featured its heavy weapon hardpoint on an elevated shoulder position while the medium and light weapons were mounted on its left-hand side, enabling the robot to effectively shoot from cover and around the corner. Currently, however, the light and heavy weapon hardpoints are located on the left-hand side, while the medium hardpoint resides on the right-hand side.

Having one of each type of hardpoint gives players a wide range of options when fitting out a Golem, but there is a lack of effective long range weapons for the medium hardpoint, which means the robot lends itself best to mid-range and knife-fighting configurations. The Thunder is a popular choice for the heavy hardpoint because it can be effectively combined with any of the close-range medium and light weapons; such weapons include the Orkan and Pinata, or Taran and Magnum. At mid-range, the Molot, Molot Mk2, Pin, and Tulumbas can also be effectively combined with the Trident or Zeus.

Initially, the Golem’s low health and sub-par speed resulted in low results to the point that streamers such as Adrian running the Boa in favor of its superior traits. However, Update 1.6.0 buffed the Golem considerably in speed, and as a result, is had become a surprisingly strong robot, even up to the Diamond league.

Update History

Update 3.0.0

HP increased by 10%

Update 1.9.0
The actual speed was reduced to correctly match 42km/h. This reduces its approach and retreat abilities
Update 1.6.0
The Golem received an Aesthetic Redesign. It now looks much more shiny and glossier overall, with a lighter shade of blue and other added features.
The Max Speed was significantly increased: 36 -> 42* (*It was actually incorrect, as the Golem was capable of going almost 50km/h.)
Update 1.4.0
The light hardpoint was moved to be underneath the heavy hardpoint. This allows an Ecu to be placed on its light hard point; before, Ecu had to be fitted to the Golem’s medium hardpoint, which reduced the robot to a heavy and a light weapon. This change also affected the Golem’s corner peeking ability, but it is still relatively rare to see a Golem equipped with an Ecu even after the change.


  • The Golem is one of 6 robots to have had an aesthetic redesign. The others are the Gepard, Destrier, Schutze, Rogatka, and the Fury.
  • The Golem is the only robot so far to have its hardpoint locations changed.
  • When in the squad battle menu, the background features the old Golem’s design and hardpoint locations.
  • In Jewish legend, a golem is a clay figure brought to life by magic.
  • Golem's prototype was clearly carrying an "Shield of David" emblem, replaced later some Hebrew text (completely removed after redesign), hinting even more at Jewish roots of this bot.
  • Text on Golem's first prototype MIGHT be saying "Shocked 524", but future proof is needed.
  • Different design examples and Shield of David logo and possible writing on it's hull:
  • This is the only bot to be the only one in its faction
  • Golem is the only bot to have all three hardpoints on one robot.
Golem Text

Golem Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
1 500,000 73,000 32
2 30,00079,00033 20 minutes
360,00085,000344 hours 10 mintues
4100,00092,000366 hours
5200,00099,000377 hours
6300,000107,000388 hours
7500,000116,0003910 hours
8800,000125,0004111 hours
91,500,000135,0004213 hours
102,000,000146,0004214 hours
114,000,000158,0004215 hours
127,000,000171,0004219 hours
Total16,990,000171,000424 days 11 hours 30 minutes

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