Since many people have asked about what gold purchases to make first, I've decided to compile a list of them from top to bottom in the order that I believe is the highest priority to get them. Also see the WP purchase guide, which is a work in progress.

1 – 3rd hangar slot

This one should be a no brainer.

2 – 4th hangar slot

You can still function well without one, but if you don't have one, at best you'll be a liability to your team and at worst, you can make the entire team lose due to the lack of time one bot can give. Also, no decent clan will accept you if you don't have one. Any player in Silver league or above should have at least 4 hangar slots and if not, save up for one as their absolute priority.

3 – 5th hangar slot

Although not completely necessary in the majority of games, having 5 hangar slots allows you to carry games that would have otherwise been lost. It gives you more variability and firepower as well as more leeway in knife fighting due to having more bots. It also allows you to add in a good mid-long range robot without compromising your knife fighting power. Most mid-high league players have 5 slots, and they are essential for high league players (e.g Expert league). It is recommended to purchase 5th slot or to save up for it in Gold league and above.

4 – Orkan

In higher tiers, there is a sharp increase in robots with physical shields (i.e. Rhinos, Galahads, Lancelots), so this weapon can be your best friend for the rest of the game due to its splash damage. This also means that players can damage enemy robots hiding behind the corner of walls by firing at a nearby wall or edge. As of the current meta (May 2018) Orkans are commonly used on the Haechi , Bulgasari , Kumiho , Spectre and Inquisitor . Orkans are also great on the Orkan Griffin (either with Pinatas, Aphids or Magnums), the Thunder Orkan Lancelot, Boa with Thunder, two of them on a Rogatka, two of them on a Rhino, and three on a Fujin. Get multiples if you can. Four is a good number for a 5-slot hangar.

5 – Lancelot

A great bot in the game. Even though two Galahads will give you greater combat power for the same price, with a limited number of hangar slots the Lancelot is a great choice because it can easily take out three or four bots with very little effort before going down. This bot is the highest priority to take out in most situations and requires nothing more to pilot than basic knowledge of how to play Thunder bots. The only real counter to this bot is midrange splash, as this bot will take out even a db setup close-up.

Many players recommend getting a Lancelot together with an Ancile ("Ancilot", usually with Tarans), which raises its effectiveness tremendously as it negates all of the Lancelot's weaknesses for the price of some damage output. Thunder/Orkan Lancelots are the most common setup in top tier, though, as they are tremendously effective against all robots with an Ancile (including the Ancilot). Other common setups are Thunder/Taran and Ancile/Orkan.

6 – Ancile

Equipping this on a Lancelot with Tarans or Orkans will net you a powerful bot that is nearly immune to midrange splash and highly resistant to plasma weaponry. The Ancile can take as many hits as a medium bot would, and it has a relatively fast regeneration rate, currently 3% per second. Be careful though, and don't get cocky with it. The Thunder can deplete it from 530m, and it offers no protection against plasma weapons which are common in matches.

Currently, the ancile outright counters the DB and RDB configs, which are very popular setups after 2.9 update.

7 – Fury

The Fury may seem impractical at first, but once you mount triple TempestsTrebuchets or Dragoons on it, this robot becomes a huge mid-long range threat to enemy robots, due to its extremely high firepower. It is currently considered the best midrange bot in the game, being a major detriment to the enemy team on any map and still a decent bot in close range maps such as Power Plant and Dead City if you know how to use it well. Triple Zeus also works great and can break the shield of a BritBot or a Rhino. However, the Fury is not very mobile and is vulnerable if attacked by several robots. Think of the Fury as an aircraft carrier. It can deal amazing damage, but without any brawlers or knife-fighters around to defend it, it goes down easily. Despite its high health, its large size makes it a vulnerable target, even prone to bullet spread weapons at longer ranges.

It should be noted that the Fury Triple Tridents setup has the same DPM of a conventional Death Button Rhino or Griffin but with twice the range. Team support is still recommended, however. A somewhat more controversial setup would be the Triple Trebuchet (a very common sniper setup in middle tiers on Android) or Triple Nashorn Fury, however, famous WR YouTuber Adrian Chong has been seen using Nashorns to take out Trident Furies. This will only work in a clan game with adequate support, however.

The beacon rush gamemode has promoted the triple Thunder fury as a close range destroyers. The rise of dash robots has also led to Zeus being a good offensive choice for this bot

8 – Rogatka

The Rogatka does decently in the lower tiers with Tarans. However, Orkans are most likely what you want to use in the higher tiers. With Tarans, you will be gunned down as the Rogatka does not have the shield of the Galahad nor the firepower of the Griffin. The Orkan is somewhat better in that you turn the Rog into a hard-hitting hit-and-run bot, however, you must remember that the Rogatka cannot knock out any of the current higher tier "meta" setups in one salvo. The two best setups are the double Orkan Rogatka and the double Taran Rogatka.

9 – Galahad

Practically a powered up Rhino. It can turn while shielded, and it can outrun Orkan rockets while going backward with shield down. It can defeat one-on-one a plasma Rhino and it can defeat one-on-one a DB bot if you can outmanoeuvre the initial blast. Beware of a pilot who will conserve his ammo until you get within undodgeable range (<101m) or a pilot who will retreat into tight cover where you cannot dodge his payload. Do not forget to drop your shield for an extra speed boost when necessary. Best setups are Taran/Magnum and Orkan/Pinata.

There is some debate as to whether the Galahad is feasible in top tier, however. While almost every top tier hangar contains a Galahad on iOS, the Galahad is pretty rare in Android top tier hangars. With all above said Galahad has lost its viability somewhat after 2.9 rocket update and the following Rhino update. This is because the Rhino is more durable and has more firepower, whilst costing slightly less.

10 – Aphid

Aphid missiles were buffed and nerfed several times. Once they may have been the best light weapon, and even though they have lost some value, they are still devastating. They can deal a lot of damage if they hit cleanly, but the recent nerfs made it easier to avoid part or all of the damage. Fast robots (light robots and Galahads) can completely avoid Aphids by going perpendicular to the flight path at top speed. Most heavy robots cannot dodge Aphid, but they can still reduce the damage by going sideways. A Griffin can jump away from incoming Aphids, and shielded robots can use their shield to absorb a large part of the damage if they turn their shield towards the flight path, as Aphids have no splash damage.

Before the most recent nerfs, the most popular Aphid platforms were mobile robots that could play hide and seek (the Gepard, Stalker, Jesse or even the quad Aphid Patton), the Aphid Leo, using either an Ancile or a Thunder in the heavy slot, and the Rhino. However, recently the "Stuka" Griffin (Aphid/Orkan) has become the most popular Aphid build.

11 – Zeus

This weapon is the king of midrange along with the Dragoon . That is, as long there aren't any bots with physical shields are around. With 1/5 the DPS of a Thunder but six times the range, anybody who walks into your line of sight is toast. They are especially strong against Griffins, which are common all the way to top tier, because they hit quickly and can get a Griffin during a jump. Galahads and Lancelots will be trouble with their tough shields, but a Zeus Fury can break even those if it can backpedal. Gareth can be knocked down relatively easily. Good with three of them on a Fury, on a Leo or Natasha with Molots or Gekkos, and two of them on a Carnage or Raijin. Many Zeus fans would argue that it should be higher up on this list.

The Zeus bug where it often does no damage was reported as "fixed" by Pixonic in 2.9 release.

12 – Gekkos

The Gekko is the only long range weapon for light hardpoints, so expect to use these if you want to make long range bots with ones that have light hardpoints. However, these also work well for midrange with three of these on a Leo with a Zeus. The reason why they are so low down on the list is because long range is not anywhere near as important as knife fighting or midrange, and they have very limited damage. They are, however, still quite useful if you want a decent long range weapon. These have recently become marginally more useful due to the higher amounts of Griffins in the game and 2.9 update buff, but with the Camelot bots (Gareth, Galahad, and Lancelot), It will take a very long time to penetrate through the shields. You need multiples for the Gekko to deal the most damage. Best with four of them on a Patton or three of them along with a Zeus on a Leo.

13 – Gareth

This bot is a fairly low priority purchase. Reasons being: The Stalker is better due to its 8 seconds of practical invincibility, while what this bot has is an underpowered Écu. The Gareth INDICATED speed is 64 km/h is just 2 km/h south of a Stalker. However online testing indicates that this speed is not correct, and the bot top speed is only 60 km/h. The only use for the bot is a counter against plasma or Aphid. Be careful however, as your shield is not invulnerable against plasma. Best setups are Taran/Magnum and Orkan/Pinata.

With all above said Gareth has lost its viability somewhat after 2.9 rocket update and the following 3.1 kinetic weapon update

14 – Gepard

The Gepard used to be the king of lower tiers, but with the 2.5 update this is history because it's no longer possible to use it for "seal clubbing" (gold farming among new players). It's still a very nice robot to have around if you start out, it high firepower for a light robot with three light weapon slots and can eat most medium and light silver robots for lunch. It is also a popular robot for new players due to the deal that Pixonic offers to newer players (some gold and a Gepard for 5 bucks) which is still very good value, and works best with triple Pinatas, triple Magnums, or triple Aphids.

However, as you advance and earn experience in the game, it will be shelved and acquire dust in your storage when you start to encounter more and more heavy robots. It has no stealth, low health and will go down quickly against an experienced player piloting a heavy robot, so it can only survive by hiding, which makes 3 × Aphid the best configuration against heavier robots.

As for beacon capping, the Gareth (more speed and physical shield), the Stalker (more speed and stealth) or the Jesse (faster speed, more health and more firepower) are better options if you really want a light robot, but most experienced players prefer robots like the Rhino and Galahad in beacon capping roles despite their lower speed because of their fighting power.

15 – Workshop Points

Even more of a waste of gold. If you really do want to, though, then only buy the first one or two offers each day.

16 – Paint Jobs

These are not recommended but can make your robots look more threatening, act as a sort of camouflage..or make your robot more of a target (the latter only occurs in the lower leagues) However, if you're in a clan or already have all the robots and weapons you need/want, then treating your robots to a visual upgrade can be fine. 

17 - Silver

Biggest waste of Gold in the game. You need 250 Gold just for 500K Silver. You can play 2-3 matches for an even higher amount. Plus, why would you waste the second hardest to earn currency (first is Influence Points) on the easiest to earn currency?


  1. The Orkan and the 5th slot are interchangeable. Just get whichever one you feel suits your needs most at the time.
  2. This guide is originally attributed to Strayed, however, it has been heavily edited since then.