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…One of the fastest robots. Considerably outperforms most of the light robots… – in-game description

The Gepard is a Light Robot with 3 × light hardpoints.

It is available at level 1 and costs 1,200 gold. It is currently the cheapest premium robot.

The Gepard starts out with 44,000 hit points and has a speed of 58mph, making it the fastest robot (at base level). By comparison, the Cossack doesn’t reach the same speed until level 7 (however, the Cossack can jump, and jumping is faster than walking).

The Gepard is one of the most effective robots for hit and run tactics with amazing speed and good firepower. Equipping three Pinatas or Punisher will make this robot excel in close range battles. This makes for a powerful combination, as this mech is already good at beacon capturing. This robot can sometimes be seen with three or two Magnums and can rip through light and medium robots with relative ease.

Gepards are the most heavily armed light robot. They are theoretically capable of outgunning any other light robot thanks to their three hardpoints. While they are often armed with Pinatas, Pins, or Aphids for close range guerrilla tactics, it is not uncommon to see mobile fire support platforms or mobile snipers armed with Gekkos or Spirals. Their agility allows them to dodge heavy gunfire as well as quickly reposition to get into range of targets.  


  • Once appeared on the WR app icon with 2 × Punishers and a Molot.
  • The word Gepard means Cheetah in German.
  • Used to cost silver but was changed to cost 1,200 gold.
  • The robot’s head and thigh used to strongly resemble German Flakpanzer Gepard’s turret and hull before the redesign.
  • In update 1.4.2, the Gepard had a visual redesign.
  • Although the redesign heavily changed the Gepard’s appearance, some details of the back of the robot are leftover from the previous design
  • One of the most popular robots for farming, which is playing at low tiers for the sole purpose of getting gold, or silver.

Gepard Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
1 1,200 Au 44,000 58
2 40,00047,00058 5 minutes
370,00050,000582 hours
4100,00053,000584 hours
5200,00056,0005810 hours
6400,00060,0005814 hours
7700,00064,0005817 hours
81,000,00068,0005819 hours
92,000,00072,0005822 hours
104,000,00077,000581 days 4 hours
118,000,00082,000581 days 12 hours
1215,000,00087,000582 days 2 hours
Total31,511,20087,000588 days 10 hours 5 minutes

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