…Able to damage opponents at long range, reloads while firing. Ignores Ancile shield… – in-game description


The Gekko has the longest range of any light weapon. Because it is a unique, powerful weapon, it requires gold to purchase.

It does its full damage regardless of distance or amount of time. In battle, a Gekko can force enemy units under cover, as many players do not appreciate a solid beam of light hitting their robot.

While one Gekko can do decent damage when highly upgraded, they are much more powerful in clusters of two, three, or even four. A dedicated robot carrying two to four Gekkos can severely damage an enemy. However, it is known to be an inferior weapon in melee combat. Thus, it is a good strategy, if one is seeking to destroy the robot, to shoot them while they are in the open and there is no available cover.

It is recommended that the Gekko should be used similarly to how one might use an Molot, although with much longer range and somewhat less damage. They are, however, an energy weapon, and so can penetrate Ancile shields.

The open fields of SpringfieldYamantau, and Shenzhen (centre) are prime locations for this weapon. In 2.9 version update Gekko's damage was increased, as well as number of shots and fire-rate.


  • In previous versions, the function of the Gekko was to “heat” up its target. This translated into the longer it fires upon the target, the hotter it got, and the more damage it dealt.

The Gekko changes color as it upgrades

  • Level 5 – green
  • Level 6 – yellow
  • Level 7 – blue
  • Levels 8 to 11 – increasingly lighter shades from purple → pink.
  • Level 12 – red
    Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.12.15 AM
Its sound effects also change in tone as it upgrades, becoming deeper as the level increases.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 1340 750 Au 1340 6700 419
6 1470 (+10%) 750,000 10 hours 1470 7350 459
7 1610 (+10%) 1,600,000 20 hours 1610 8050 503
8 1770 (+10%) 2,600,000 1 day 1 hours 1770 8850 553
9 1940 (+10%) 4,100,000 1 day 6 hours 1940 9700 606
10 2130 (+10%) 6,100,000 1 day 13 hours 2130 10650 666
11 2340 (+10%) 9,000,000 2 days 2 hours 2340 11700 731
12 2570 (+10%) 14,000,000 2 days 20 hours 2570 12850 803

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