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Gareth is a lightweight robot that has one 1 × medium and 1 × light hardpoints. This robot has a built-in physical shield which is placed on the robot’s side. The Gareth’s special ability “Phalanx Mode” (shared with medium robot Galahad) lets it switch shield mode, moving the shield from the side to the front, just like a medieval knight. When the shield is in front, the robot’s movement speed is decreased 20%.

In-game performance

Equipped with one medium and one light hard point, giving Gareth firepower similar to the Gepard. With only two hard points Gareth suffers more if one weapon is destroyed, however with shield deployed Gareth is capable of withstanding far greater punishment than the Gepard. With some caution, heavy bots may be engaged successfully, but this is not recommended as the Gareth’s shield may be destroyed and leave him highly vulnerable to counterattack. Gareth is well suited for countering Stalker pilots, as weapons are situated at a good height for damaging the Stalker even when Stealth Mode is engaged.

A Gareth pilot's role is for beacon capping and flanking. It's speed helps drastically with these two objectives, and when equipped with a Magnum and a Taran, it can be a powerful flanker. However, it will work most likely if the enemy's attention is diverted. If they notice you trying to get around them, retreat immediately.

While the shield adds greatly to the Gareth’s power, but they do not render him invulnerable. Rockets are effective against shielded bots thanks to splash damage, and said shield may be broken after sustaining heavy damage.

Due to this bot being used as an early beacon runner (along with the Galahad and Stalker) it is very common to see players start out with splash weapons to completely ignore their shield.


  • Gareth was a well known knight who was part of Sir Arthur’s “Round Table”.

Gareth Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthShieldSpeedTime
1 1,250 Au 40,000 80,000 49
2 40,00043,00086,00051 5 minutes
370,00046,00092,000522 hours
4100,00049,00098,000544 hours
5200,00052,000104,0005610 hours
6400,00055,000110,0005814 hours
7700,00059,000118,0006017 hours
81,000,00063,000126,0006219 hours
92,000,00067,000134,0006422 hours
104,000,00071,000142,000641 day 4 hours
118,000,00075,000150,000641 days 12 hours
1215,000,00080,000160,000642 days 2 hours
Total31,511,25080,000160,000648 days 10 hours 5 minutes

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