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This robot is purchased with Gold.

…Unparalleled firepower, provided by 3 heavy weapon slots… – in-game description


The Fury is a Heavy Robot with 3 Heavy hardpoints. With a cost of 5,000 gold, it's the most expensive bot in the game along with the Lancelot. Hence, a fury is a rare sight outside of high tiers.

The Fury excels at long range combat. With three fully upgraded sniper weapons, it can easily cripple smaller robots and deal massive damage to other heavies in a single salvo. Players facing a Fury should take advantage of cover and close to weapons range as fast as possible.

The Fury, despite its high health and unparalleled fire power, does have a weakness: slow walking/rotating speed. At max speed, it has the fourth slowest base speed, faster than only the Natasha, Rhino, and Lancelot, with the latter two being able to increase their speed with special abilities, effectively making the Fury the 2nd slowest robot in the entire game. Fast, agile robots such as the Stalker, Cossack or Gepard can circle the fury continuously unloading volley after volley of damage making it hard for the Fury to target or damage them. When piloting a Fury, it is critical to keep smaller and faster robots at bay. Additionally, when selecting a target, assault robots such as the Rhino should be given priority, as they pose the greatest threat to the team and can potentially destroy the Fury with their powerful close-range weapons if they get close enough.

A common and arguably the most effective setup is triple Tridents. It deals tremendous damage, has a max range of 600m, and can also hit opponents around corners easily. More importantly, it ignores physical shields such as Écus, making it a highly effective counter for robots with built in shields such as the Rhino and Lancelot, both of which are very common in higher tiers.

Other common combinations are three Zeus, or a trio of Trebuchets for maximum range punch.


  • Despite having what seems like rocket boosters on the back, the Fury cannot jump or rush.
  • The Fury is the only Premium Robot released before update 1.8.0 to not be at its max speed at purchase. It can be upgraded from 27kph at level 6 to 30 kph at level 9.
  • Its massive size makes it the tallest robot in the entire game.

Fury Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
65,000 Au110,00027
71,000,000117,000281 days 6 hours
82,000,000124,000291 days 18 hours
95,000,000132,000302 days 2 hours
107,000,000140,000302 days 21 hours
1115,000,000149,000303 days 11 hours
1225,000,000158,000303 days 17 hours
Total55,000,000158,0003015 days 3 hours

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