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See also: Glossary

Wiki Questions

Why have I received a *Profanity Removed* on one of my posts?

Don't take it personally. It is just a Moderator or Admin doing their job. We welcome open and frank discussion, but because this wiki is visited by people from many different cultures and age groups, we have decided to be on the side of caution.

But I have seen that word posted elsewhere without it being censored?

It may have been the context of how it was used. Or perhaps it was seen by a different Moderator or Admin, or it was just missed. Again, don't take it personally, and just move on.
If you can't let it go and feel the need to question it, please don't do it in the message thread, as it sidetracks the conversation. Contact whoever censored it, or open a new discussion.

Game Questions

Why am I always on the blue team?

All players see themselves as the blue team and the enemy as the red team. From the enemies' point of view they are the blue team and you are the red team. This convention makes the game less confusing. Enemies are RED, and allies are BLUE.

How do I contact the developer (Pixonic) or find the official WWR website?

The Official WWR Forum, Official WWR Facebook Page, Official WWR Knowledge Base, or submit an official request or bug report.

What is a Tier?

A Tier was a grouping that we used to describe the way the game's matchmaking system matched players of a similar level for combat. We described these as Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tiers. They are no longer part of the game, with the new League Matchmaking system in play. See: Matchmaking

How do I tell what Tier I am in?

Tiers were a part of the matchmaking system of the game. However, Pixonic (the developers) didn't release information on how exactly the Prelo matchmaking system worked, and all information on tiers was theorised by player experimentation.

Does your player level affect which tier the matchmaker puts you in?

No. Matchmaking is not derived from your player level, but results from your previous matches. Matchups should be appropriate to your league points.

Does the number of hanger slots affect which league the matchmaker puts you in?

No. Matchmaking no longer considers hangar strength, but number of bots was never considered in the MM matrix.

Can Android and iOS players play together in the same game?

No. Android and iOS games are run on seperate servers.
You can however run an Android emulator on a PC and play with Android users that way. How to: Play on PC

How can I stop an upgrade once it is started?

You can't stop an upgrade once it has started. However, you can complete it using gold.

How can I sell robots and weapons that I no longer want?

Weapons can be sold by pressing Equip, selecting the weapon and pressing the Trash Can icon. You must have all robots in your hanger fully equipped in order to sell a weapon (this was changed in the last major update, whereas before you would have had to have all of your robots, including those not on your hangar, fully equipped with some kind of weapon to fill every slot).
Robots can be sold by pressing Change Robot, selecting the robot and then pressing the Trash Can icon.

What is the Best robot and/or weapon?

There is no Best. There are however Good combinations for certain roles, tasks and play styles. If you'd like to see Good Combinations of Weapons and Robots, however, see Weapon DPM and Best Bot Setups.

Why do I have to worry about Beacons? Can't I just destroy robots?

Pixonic has made Beacon capturing in integral part of the game. You can ignore beacons, but this will hurt your team's chances of winning the match. If you really don't want to capture beacons, just destroy robots attacking or defending beacons. But, sometimes you can earn a gold reward if you captured the most beacons and are on the winning team (the Medal of Capture) See: Beacon and Medals.

I have reached level 30, and my Experience Bar has stopped working. Why?

Level 30 is the maximum level in the game. Once you reach level 30, any experience points earned will not increase your level. However, they will still be counted when calculating your score after each match.

How do I change my name?

Go to the Hangar; Press Menu in the bottom-left corner; then Press Change Name.
"The initial renaming is free. Each subsequent renaming will cost 500 Au".

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