…Fujin is a four-legged medium robot. A metal sentinel able to provide both cover fire and barrage for his teammates. Fujin is perfectly suited for area capture and control. Three medium hard points give Fujin a strategic advantage in short and medium-ranged fights. Upon entering the Sentry mode, Fujin elevates his tower, gaining a better view over the battlefield and activates his built-in regenerating energy shield. While in this mode, Fujin is unable to move but is still able to turn around and fire… – in-game description


The Fujin is a quadrupedal Medium Robot with 3 Medium Hardpoints, released in the 1.4.0 update along with the Raijin. The Fujin can only be purchased in the store for Workshop Points and becomes available at player level 20.

It has the Sentry ability, which immobilizes it in exchange for a powerful energy shield. While in this mode, the Fujin’s main turret is raised for a larger field-of-view for attacking and can still turn and fire its weapons.

When maxed, the Fujin has a health of 135,000, a max speed of 40 km/h and a shield health of 122,000.


The energy shield is very similar in function to the Ancile, in a similar manner to the Carnage. However, unlike the Carnage and actual Ancile, the Fujin's Ancile regenerates, in terms of actual HP, much better (however it is still at same percentage rate, and re-activates at 20%); thus making the Fujin much more difficult to take down should the attacker not have any energy weapons. Like other ancile robots or ancile in general, when anything (excluding plasma weapons) hits the shield, a honeycomb-like pattern will appear where the projectiles hit, as usual. While piloting a Fujin, should you encounter an enemy exclusively using energy weapons, activating Fujin's ability is useless.

Sentry mode has a two-second activation and deactivation time and has no cooldown. The energy shield activates almost immediately once the Sentry Mode button is pressed; should you encounter a rocket Death Button, Aphid setups, or Tridents, you can use the ability to block most of the incoming damage and in most circumstances can save your life. The built-in Ancile only regenerates when Sentry Mode is active.

Update History

Update 3.0.0

Shield durability and speed increased by 10%

Update 2.5.0

The shield durability has been increased to 90% of the hit points.

Update 2.6.0

A bug causing the Ancile to receive double damage was fixed. However, the shield regeneration rate was decreased to 3% per second. Additionally, the shield requires 20% instead of 10% to reactivate after being downed.


  • Fujin translates to “Wind God” in Japanese.
  • Due to the coloring, Fujin resembles the hidden robot in the Springfield map. Additionally, the hidden robot in Springfield was removed shortly after the announcement of the Fujin.
  • Fujin's initial name can be seen at Pixonic's Roboduck poster, and one can see that it's called "Sentinel" on 1 April, just 18 days prior to the official release.
  • The Fujin is one of two quadrupedal robots, the other being the Raijin.
  • It is one of two robots with a built-in energy shield resembling the Ancile, the other being the Carnage.
  • Oddly, the Fujin does not suffer from landing lag. This may possibly be because it is a quadrupedal robot.
  • Due to its four legs, the Fujin can hang off the side of ledges without falling off. This can be used to gain a better angle to fire at opponents. However, he cannot climb up obstacles, unlike the Raijin.
  • Because the Fujin is so low to the ground, it can still hit "stealthed" Stalkers while it is not in Sentry mode.
  • Player needs 5,670,840 Silver and 24 days in order to gather enough WP to get Fujin (using all six WP slots and no Gold to buy WP)
  • Fujin has written "Wind God" in Chinese "風神" on its back and forehead.
  • Dragon paintjob for Fujin has the word "Dragon" written on it.
  • Fujin and Raijin were portrayed by Ogata Korin on a picture:
    Fujin Raijin

    Raijin (left) and Fuijin (right)

Fujin Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthShieldSpeedTime
1 13,000 WP 68,000 61,000 35
2 23,00072,00065,00036 6 minutes 40 seconds
345,00077,00069,000371 hour 20 minutes
488,00082,00074,000375 hours 20 minutes
5170,00087,00078,0003813 hours 20 minutes
6340,00093,00084,000381 day 2 hours 40 minutes
7680,00099,00089,000391 day 19 hours 42 minutes 13 seconds
81,300,000105,00095,000392 days 13 hours 20 minutes
92,700,000112,000101,000403 days 4 hours
105,200,000119,000107,000403 days 20 hours
1110,000,000127,000114,000406 days 2 hours 40 minutes
1220,000,000135,000122,000407 days 5 hours 20 minutes
Total40,559,000135,000122,0004026 days 15 hours 48 minutes 53 seconds

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