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…Fujin is a four-legged medium robot. A metal sentinel able to provide both cover fire and barrage for his teammates. Fujin is perfectly suited for area capture and control. Three medium hard points give Fujin a strategic advantage in short and medium-ranged fights. Upon entering the Sentry mode, Fujin elevates his tower, gaining a better view over the battlefield and activates his built-in regenerating energy shield. While in this mode, Fujin is unable to move but is still able to turn around and fire… – in-game description


The Fujin is a quadrupedal Medium Robot with 3 Medium Hardpoints, released in the 1.4.0 update along with the Raijin.

It has the Sentry ability, which immobilizes it in exchange for a powerful energy shield. While in this mode, the Fujin’s main turret is raised for a larger field-of-view for attacking and can still turn and fire its weapons.

When maxed, the Fūjin has a health of 135,000, a max speed of 40kmph and a shield health of 122,000.


The energy shield is very similar in function to the Ancile, in a similar manner to the Carnage. However, unlike the Carnage, the Fūjin's Ancile regenerates at the same percentage rate as the Ancile (the Carnage's rate is lower), can activate from 0%, and is much stronger. Thus making the Fujin much more difficult to take down should the attacker not have any plasma or laser weapons. While piloting a Fujin, should you encounter an enemy exclusively using energy weapons, activating Fujin's ability is useless.

Sentry mode has a two-second activation and deactivation time and has no cooldown. The energy shield activates almost immediately once the Sentry mode buttton is pressed; should you encounter a rocket Death Button, Aphid setups, or Tridents, you can use the ability to block most of the incoming damage and in most circumstances can save your life. The built-in Ancile only regenerates when sentry mode is active.

Update History

Update 2.5.0

The shield durability has been increased to 90% of the hit points. Shield regeneration rate has also increased to an estimated 6-8% of total shield strength per second. (Originally 5%)

Update 2.6.0

A bug causing the Ancile to receive double damage was fixed. However, the shield regeneration rate was decreased to 3% per second. Additionally, the shield requires 20% instead of 10% to reactivate after being downed.


  • Fujin translates to “Wind God” in Japanese.
  • Due to the coloring, Fujin resembles the hidden robot in the Springfield map. Additionally, the hidden robot in Springfield was removed shortly after the announcement of the Fujin.
  • The Fujin is one of two quadrupedal robots, the other being the Raijin.
  • It is one of two robots with a built-in energy shield resembling the Ancile, the other being the Carnage.
  • Oddly, the Fujin does not suffer from landing lag. This may possibly be because it is a quadrupedal robot.
  • Due to its four legs, the Fujin can hang off the side of ledges without falling off. This can be used to gain a better angle to fire at opponents. However, he cannot climb up obstacles, unlike the Raijin.
  • Because the Fūjin is so low to the ground, it can still hit Stalkers while it is not in Sentry mode.

Fujin Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthShieldSpeedTime
1 13,000 WP 68,000 61,000 35
2 23,00072,00065,00036 6 minutes 40 seconds
345,00077,00069,000371 hour 20 minutes
488,00082,00074,000375 hours 20 minutes
5170,00087,00078,0003813 hours 20 minutes
6340,00093,00084,000381 day 2 hours 40 minutes
7680,00099,00089,000391 day 19 hours 42 minutes 13 seconds
81,300,000105,00095,000392 days 13 hours 20 minutes
92,700,000112,000101,000403 days 4 hours
105,200,000119,000107,000403 days 20 hours
1110,000,000127,000114,000406 days 2 hours 40 minutes
1220,000,000135,000122,000407 days 5 hours 20 minutes
Total40,559,000135,000122,0004026 days 15 hours 48 minutes 53 seconds

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