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Experience Points


Level bar


Experience Points are needed for a player to go from one Player Level to the next. After each battle you are awarded a certain amount of Experience Points depending on certain parameters used by the game:

  • number of robots destroyed
  • number of beacons captured
  • amount of critical hits scored
  • amount of damage dealt
  • Medals awarded (only if your team wins)

As you earn Experience Points the "Blue" Bar to the right of your current Player Level will fill towards the right. Upon filling the bar you will Level up to the next level and be awarded 50 Gold and 50K Silver. Currently the maximum level a player can reach is level 30.

Buying Premium grants you 50% more Experience Points and Silver for each game.

Unlocking Robots & Weapons

See also: Player LevelIt is important to score as many Experience Points as possible per battle to reach higher Player Levels and unlock new Robots and Weapons. Each robot and weapon in the game has its own "Unlocking" level.


Actively engaging in battle and capturing beacons will dramatically increase the amount of experience, Gold and Silver earned when compared to avoiding combat and "Camping" (staying near the spawn point) which allows you to fire from safety, but will not earn you many Experience Points, Gold and Silver.