Pixonic started tradition of introducing events in 2016.

Typical event got the following perks:

  1. Introduction of novelty items (paintjobs, robots, weapons)
  2. Sale offers for some old or new stuff.
  3. Special "Event coins", which are earned during ANY battle, win or loose, in small amounts (typical 2~5 per battle) - only one event so far used Au instead of coins.
  4. Event chests - type of a simple lottery where player is presented with three choices: spend 10 (bronze), 100 (silver) or 1000 (gold) coins on a chest. The more expensive the chest - the better the prize is. Usually bronze chest give small amount of Silver (5K~50K), Gold (1~20) or simplest weapons.

Silver chest gives bigger amount than the Bronze one plus WP stuff, and Golden chest gives ONLY big prizes.

However, it is still possible to get a Gepard out of the chest.

After spending some amount of coins (approximately 7000~8000) player is given a bonus "Epic" chest, which holds prizes no cheaper than 1500 Gold.

  1. Event tasks - introduced during Anniversary 2017 event, it accompany Daily Tasks, and present player the opportunity to earn a lot of Silver and valuable prizes; usually premium weapons and bots with paintjobs pre-applied. It is worth noting that paintjob cannot be re-applied to a different bot, so to use bot with paintjob player must upgrade newly acquired bot.

Events list:

2016 Halloween

2016 Christmas

2017 Chinese new year

2017 War Robots 3rd anniversary

Event tasks details and prizes list:

IMG 0204ff

3rd Anniversary event prizes and tasks list

2017 Independence Day

Event tasks details and prizes list (percentage shows completed kills, caps, win by the task in relation to the total event amount):


Independence day 2017 prizes and tasklist

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