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Weapons of the Energy type fire bursts of super-heated plasma or linear lasers. Energy weapons are line-of-sight weapons able to penetrate energy shields such as the mounted Ancile, the Carnage’s or Haechi's built-in shields, or the Fujin’s Sentry Mode shield. They do not penetrate physical shields like the Ecu or the built-in shields, such as the Lancelot (although they do inflict damage upon such shields like any other weapon).

This section also houses the Zeus and Scourge, which requires a target lock to fire. These don't fall into the Homing Missiles category (even though they need target lock) because of the fact that they bypass energy shields, and that the projectiles cannot hone in on the target.

The Ember is a specialized weapon with the ability to penetrate both types of shields.

Energy Weapons

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