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There are six types of currency in the game: Silver(Ag), gold (Au), components, War Robots Royale tokens, and Black Market keys.

Silver and gold are covered in depth here.


Is the most easily acquired type of currency. However, it is worth noting that Silver is also the most needed currency later in game, due to enormous upgrade prices of the weapons\bots from level 9 and above.

Over half of the robot types and most of the equipment costs silver. It is the only type of currency used to upgrade robots and items to higher levels.

Silver is awarded for a variety of accomplishments during battles: most significantly the total damage dealt to enemies. Other events that earn silver are: number of robots destroyed (killing shots), number of Beacons capped, and number of critical hits (shots that destroy weapons or slow a robot's movement speed). Winning the match will add a 50% bonus.


Buy Silver screen

Additional Silver can be purchased in the game by spending Gold, and you can earn more silver per match by buying Premium.

  • 250 Au = 500k Ag
  • 650 Au = 1.5m Ag
  • 2000 Au = 5m Ag
  • 5600 Au = 15m Ag
  • 18500 Au = 50m Ag


Is more difficult to acquire, its most important use is unlocking hangar slots. It can also be used to purchase certain robots and items, most of which are highly sought after. Another uses includes accelerating upgrade times.

A player earns 50 Gold each time they level up.

Gold can also be earned during battles by performing well:

  • by capturing the most beacons (bonus gold for winning)
  • by getting the most kills (bonus gold for winning)
  • 5 gold for first place (Free-for-All)
  • 3 gold for second place (Free-for-All)
  • 1 gold for third place (Free-for-All)

Each day two daily missions are assigned which award gold (30 or 40, depending on task) when completed.

Additional Gold can be purchased by spending real life money:


Buy Gold screen

  • $4.99, $7.99AU, £4.03 for 500 Au
  • $9.99, $14.99AU, £8.06 for 1200 Au
  • $19.99, $30.99AU, £16.13 for 2500 Au
  • $49.99, $79.99AU, £40.32 for 6500 Au
  • $99.99, $150.99AU, £80.77 for 1400 Au

If you do not play for an extended amount of time, when you log back on, you are awarded with a specific amount of gold based on the time. The longer you aren’t online, the more gold. It isn’t recommended to use this way to get Gold because you can’t play without having a second account. However, if you haven’t played in a long time due to a busy life or a holiday, then it can be a pleasant surprise.

For history on gold farming (techniques no longer viable), visit the Gold Farming Page.

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