Many bots people meet are considered very hard to counter, such as Ancilot, Trident Fury, etc. However, some of the best counters can cost only silver or WSP. Some may require more than one bot to perform the counter.

An Ancilot is one of the , if not the, hardest bot/s to counter. However, like all bots, it can be countered in many ways. One way is to break off the middle of the three shields with sustained fire- plasma, bullet, etc. All shields combined are powerful, but one by itself isn't actually that strong. Once the middle shield is broken, you can fire at the bot itself, ignoring the other shields, as your plasma, bullets, etc will go straight through the opening left by the broken-off middle shield. Plasma is the best way to perform this, as not only will it go through the ancile, it will fire very accurately in one place, unlike bullets, which will fire across the body of the Lancelot, and missiles, which will usually avoid the shields entirely, but will not deal enough damage. Another way is to put on all rockets- pinatas and orkans are best, as they deal the most damage with the closest range- and maneuver inside of the ancile. Then fire off all of your rockets. This may cripple your bot, as getting inside the shield will expose you to the Lancelot's full fury. This is recommended for a Griffin, as it can jump inside the shield relatively quickly, or a Galahad, to leave the shield after unloading rockets unharmed (assuming the Lancelot has plasma). Another way is to whittle down the ancile with punishers, and finish off the Lancelot with rockets. However, this is experimental, and requires two bots, a full punisher griffin and a full rocket griffin, preferably with orkans and pinatas. Finally, if the ancile is down, a Trident Fury can cripple or finish off the Ancilot with no damage lost.

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