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…Equipped with a jump drive. Perfect for capturing beacons and flanking enemies… – in-game description

The Cossack is a Light Robot with 1 medium hardpoint and the jump ability. Having the second fastest base speed in the game, it can dodge long range sniper fire and weave in and out to capture beacons with ease.

The Cossack’s jump ability is shared with only the Heavy Griffin and the Medium Rogatka. The Cossack is an ideal robot for capturing beacons. This is due to its speed and ability to jump. However, its low health makes the robot vulnerable to heavy weapons that damage near-instantly such as the Thunder or the Trebuchet.

Overall, the Cossack is a great robot to use to cap beacons and gain a tactical advantage against the enemy.


  • When equipped with an Ecu, It will be able to shield itself from fire, more specifically, sniper fire. This allows the Cossack to become an amazing beacon capturer but loses the ability to defend itself.
  • When upgraded to level 9, the Cossack is the second fastest robot (tied with the German Gepard) at 58 mph, only a leveled up Stalker or Gareth is faster. However jumping is faster than walking, which means that a jumping Cossack always travels faster than Gepard.
  • A Taran is the ideal weapon for beacon capturing and Hit-And-Run attacks, allowing the pilot to rain down plasma and then quickly escape.


  • Cossack translates to horseman, or cavalry in Russian.
  • Cossack’s head strongly resembles Russian attack helicopter Mil Mi-24 “Hind” (except Mi-24A).

Cossack Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
1 75,000 39,000 44
2 40,00042,00046 5 minutes
370,00045,000482 hours
4100,00048,000494 hours
5200,00051,0005110 hours
6400,00054,0005314 hours
7700,00057,0005517 hours
81,000,00061,0005619 hours
92,000,00065,0005822 hours
104,000,00069,000581 days 4 hours
118,000,00073,000581 days 12 hours
1215,000,00078,000582 days 2 hours
Total31,585,00078,000588 days 10 hours 5 minutes

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