A Light Robot is one of the three robot weight classes (the others being Medium Robot and Heavy Robot) currently available in game. There are eight light robots available. Three for silver, two for gold, one for Workshop Points and one available with influence points. They are the Destrier, the Schütze, the Gepard, the Cossack, the Stalker, GarethJesse and Hellburner. The Destrier, Schütze, and Cossack are all available for silver, while the Gepard and Gareth must be purchased with gold, Stalker for workshop points, Jesse can be purchased for influence points, along with Doc and Butch. Lastly, Hellburnercan be bought via hellburner components .

The Gareth is arguably the most powerful light robot, with one medium, one light hardpoint and the shield. It shares the title of second fastest robot (along with the Jesse).

The Cossack worth mentioning due to its more manuverability due to jumping; with the top speed slower than the Stalker, Gareth or Jesse, jumping makes it, arguably, faster or at least on par with faster bots.

The Stalker has the fastest running speed without use of an ability, at a top speed of 66 km/h.


Light robots are somewhat reminiscent to scouts or light tanks.

Light HP

Light bots HP

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.54.39 PM

Light bots speed

They lack any significant firepower and are very lightly-armored, but make up for these shortcomings with unmatched manoeuvrability and speed, allowing them to dodge enemy shells and minimize damage from splash weaponry.

Please note that robots presented in chart with SAME COLOR having SAME SPEED or SAME HP


Because light robots are so weak in terms of firepower and durability, they are best suited for beacon-capturing, guerilla warfare-tactics, and flanking manoeuvres. While they are weak alone, a group of two or three light robots, Cossacks specifically, can swarm a larger robot and overwhelm it.


At the beginning of a battle, it is vital to seize at least three beacons. Thanks to the speed of light robots, they can quickly seize up to two early on and sometimes seize three. Their chances of success are increased exponentially when paired with another light robot. However, because light robots are so fast, they will often times be far ahead of heavier fire-support from medium and heavy robots, which makes them vulnerable to a larger enemies. Therefore, pairs and triplets of light robots increase each their survivability.

As a battle progresses and the dynamics change, with enemy robots becoming more and more dispersed, a smart light robot pilot can capture undefended beacons to tip the scales in their team's favour. With the combat dispersed, most pilots will not pay attention a beacon that may be over a thousand meters away, allowing light robots to capture remote beacons.


Because light robots are so fast and easy to underestimate, they are ideal for outflanking the enemy team, especially their snipers, as the majority of the other team's robots engage the main body of a friendly team's robots. Light robots can out manoeuvre heavy robots and circle them, shooting as they loop around them while dodging the majority of the enemy robot's fire. Destroying or at least distracting the enemy team's heavy robots allows friendly robots to advance, capturing beacons, and providing fire support. In addition, getting behind enemy lines often puts you close to an enemy beacon, allowing you to capture it and provide the friendly team with a decisive advantage.