Canyon (Maps)

Canyon is a map with a desert theme.


This map features little cover, although there is the occasional rock to hide behind. On one side of the map is a small bridge near a home beacon. Both teams spawn quite close to each other and, with the small size of the map, close range fights over the central beacon can be guaranteed to take place fast and often. As well as the central beacon, each side of the map has two more beacons located on either side of the teams' spawn points. The ravine is one of the main sources of cover in this map.

General Tactics


Screen capture from the official Pixonic video - "Developer Diaries: Canyon"

In this large map (1300m wide), close range and medium range robots will do best. A significant portion of the battle will take place in and around the ravine, which is one of the main sources of cover as well as the location of the central beacon. It is possible to capture the central beacon from beneath the bridge, which is often a safer option as the ravine offers some of the best cover in the map.

The compacted nature of the map makes it possible to quickly cross from one side to the other and flank opponents. For this reason it is especially important to maintain situational awareness at all times; when charging to grab center beacon it is easy to quickly find yourself surrounded and exposed.

The two home beacons are very close to the spawnpoints and should be captured immediately. Again, the map's small size makes it possible for a light robots to traverse it rapidly, sneaking up to capture a home beacon while everyone is distracted by the struggle for the central beacon.

Close range weapons like the the Thunder, Orkan and Taran will excel on this map, as most conflicts will be within 350m. However, Medium range weapons like the Trident or Zeus or Trebuchet also quite deadly on this map because of the lack of cover.

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