Building a Good hangar

Greetings Pilots, Pilots have asked many questions based on this topic and I shall be answering it to you in this article of how to build a good hangar.

Q: Which Robot should I use?

A: Now before we get onto the explanatory parts, we need to understand the three types of robot categories:

1. Light Robots: The light robots and fast and nimble. Advantages: they are fast therefore have the ability to capture beacons and they are quick enough to dodge some types of energy/physical weaponry. Disadvantages: Low on health and therefore easy prey to larger and more stronger bots and they are also low on firepower and that they do not have the ability to produce that many kills.


2. Medium Robots: The medium robots is a balance of speed, health and weapon containment. Advantages: Fair amount of health for battle as some can do quite a large number of damages to different robots and they also have a good speed despite some have higher than other like the galahad is faster than the Patton and also good for both close, mid and long ranged battles. Disadvantages: sometimes easy to kill due to other's higher level weaponry, sometimes too slow to dodge weapons therefore takes the damage from their enemies.


3. Heavy Robots: The heavy robots are slow, large amounts of health and heavily armed. Advantages: Heavier weapons provide large amounts of damaged to both types of robots, they have a higher health which increases their chances of survival. Disadvantages: They are slow therefore do not have the ability to capture far away beacons, they also hardly have any ability dodge certain shots.


Now that we know the basic understandings of the three robots we can discuss about how to use them. When building a good hangar you would need to think about the different strategies that you would use on your robots. The first subject we are going to talk about are the different diverse robots you could use, now in beginner's leagues (recruit or bronze) you don't really have ,much to think about because the first thing you would need to know are the controls and just be comfortable with it. I recommend that any beginner player's should go into a diverse range of both weapons and Robots because it gives them a chance to discover what it is like to play in the game and to test out which robot is in their likelihood and which one they are going to be using most.

Now, moving into the advanced league where there is less of diverse range of weapons to choose from, this is because of the latest updates where everyone tends to use the same high powered weaponry and robots. Players in leagues like expert, champion and legend all tend to use the same robots over and over again without changing them, robots like Lancelot
Lancelot WWR
and Griffin
Nuclear Griffin

are being used many times. I guess that in the advanced league you a more focused choice of robots because these are most popular and powerful robots although something like the lancelot is very pricey! of 5000AU.

Say if wanted a balanced range of robots you could probably mix a diverse range of robots such as 1 light robot (to capture beacons for extra gold and to win the game more easier), 2 medium robots (to attack and help destroy some robots in case they advance) and 2 heavy robots ( to help support your teammates for more damage). This is the general and basic setup of most players that need help for making a strategic and best hangar.

 Weapon choices.

Which weapon should I use to be strategic in battle?

1. Light weapons:These are weapons that can be fitted to a light hardpoint. Light weapons are numerous, diverse and fill many roles. The Pinata is a rocket weapon which for does huge damage at short range but with a high reload time, while the Gekko does low damage at huge ranges and has a short reload time. Light weapons essentially accommodate any play style

2. Medium Weapons: These are weapons that can be fitted to a medium hardpoint. Medium weapons function best as assault weapons, as the Taran and Orkan do massive damage at short range. Medium weapons include guns like the Molot Mk2 the Punisher Mk2 and two powerful rocket launchers.

3. Heavy Weapons: These are weapons that can be fitted to a heavy hardpoint. These are four types of heavy weaponry according their respective ranges/functions: 1. Long Range (1500m) Salvo and Energy artillery: Nashorn, Kang Dae and Trebuchet 2. Medium Range (500-600m) Assault weapons: Zeus and Trident 3. Short Range (100-200m) close-fighting weapon: Thunder, the only weapon of this class. Note that the max effective range is actually 100m, due to shotgun-like spread of its bullets. 4. Shield: Ancile, an energy shield.

Now a lot of time my friends in the can sometimes asked these types of question about weapons. My answer is that it depends on your choice of range. This is because sometimes people like to attack on certain types of ranges and how they want to attack and what the advantages and disadvantages are. I honestly love to attack in long range mode but as I said before THINK ABOUT THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES, in long range I can receive less damage and support teammates and may get a fair amount of kills but not get many kills or help to capture beacons to try and win the game.
Many times once players advance into the higher leagues they tend to use more higher level and close ranged weapons such as the Taran which is an energy weapon that deals high amounts of damage
most of these weapons are specialized into destroying robots that have energy shields.
IMG 1632
.If you are in a league like me (gold league to diamond) you will see a fairly balanced amount of weaponry.
In this picture you will see a doc with orkans and tarans and these two are weapons that are balanced with each other and this is because they are both specialized to kill different robots and orkans are designed to kill enemies with no shield or a physical shield due to the splash damage whereas the taran is to design to kill energy shields and a no shielded bot.
this is another example of a balanced weapon choices.
 [My Overall Thought]

My overall though is think about what you want to act as on the battlefield whether you want to be support, mid range attacker or close range attacker there are many advantages and disadvantages.

For any more information watch the video below for a more clearer and better response. See you on the battle field and good luck!
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