Common Robot setups


These are some of the most common configurations that you will see in the game. They are listed here because advanced players have found them to be the most effective and versatile combinations. The list is not exhaustive and should only be used as a guide; your play style will dictate what you personally find most useful.


  • Tank - Trades blows and is capable of taking big hits. Difficult to remove due the immense hp pool. Can hold and defend beacons as well.
  • Brawler - Trades blows. Often but not always with some element of surprise or evasion. Most commonly heavy bots. Some brawlers work in mid-range
  • Ambusher - Primarily aims to damage the enemy before any retaliation is possible. Some medium robots (including the heavy Rhino) suit this role well
  • Assassin - An ambusher that has alot more kill potential
  • Suppressor - Limits enemy movement by forcing foes behind cover.
  • Capper - Primarily uses speed and mobility to capture enemy beacons. Almost exclusive to light robots
  • Mid-ranger - Bots that are effective at ranges up to 600m.
  • Sniper - A bot that usually uses very long range weapons, usually used to get easy damage with no chance of retaliation
  • Long-ranger - Bots that function at mid-ranges, but can fire from further away. Not quite snipers. Currently, the only long range weapons are the molots and the tempest

A few bots can perform multiple roles at once. A Haechi, Kumiho or Rhino are 3 examples of bots that can have an extra niche of being a reliable capper. Various tempest builds work pretty well in close range brawling situations as well, though not as good as regular brawlers or assassins.

Current Hangar Best Practices for Champion League 3.4.0

  • 2-3 Tanks
  • 2-3 Ambushers/Brawlers - 0 to 350m
  • 0-1 Mid-range or suppressors - 350 to 600m
  • 0-1 Sniper or long range
  • 0-1 Capper

It would not be a good idea to use a more than 2 combined mid-rangers, long-rangers and snipers as this would make your hangar weak on closed maps like dead city and Powerplant. However, 2 powerful or mobile mid-rangers (e.g the Fury or Carnage) can prove somewhat useful, even on brawler maps in some situations. It is highly recommended to either run 2 mid-rangers or one sniper, because long range maps do exist, giving your hangar some more versatility. Tanks are very useful in a variety of ways, if providing great firepower as well as durability.

Bot class guide:

  • 1-3 Ember Builds
  • 0-1 Shotgun Builds
  • 1-2 Plasma Builds
  • 1-2 Splash Builds

Tanks are the cornerstones of defensive battles. Tanks is a term given to robots that have a large hp pool, enabling them to trade with other bots in a wide variety of situations. A few examples of these robots are Leo, Lancelot, Rhino, Bulgasari, and the Raijin especially. Tanks' presence can be intimidating in a battle, and they are able lead a siege or hold a beacon or an important spot on the map while under heavy fire. The time required for killing tanks can often convince players to try elsewhere. 

  • 1-2 Plasma-type or Ember builds
  • 0-1 Shotgun mixed builds

The Taran and Ember are two very powerful sustained damage weapons that very often seen throughout all the leagues of the game starting from gold all the way up to champion. Shotguns make for excellent brawling weapons due to their sustained damage, but can sometimes be bested by Orkans in their own effective range. Since not many players have access to the Ember, the Thunder and Storm are still used quite often.

  • 1-2 Shotgun builds
  • 2-3 DB builds

As Orkans are proving to be extremely powerful weapons with extremely high burst DPS, they are the most common close range weapon in the meta. Shotgun builds have the potential to be very deadly, but their main drawback of desperately needing to be very close makes them difficult to use. On smaller maps they are still very powerful, especially in beacon rush where it is very easy to ambush a bot approaching a friendly beacon.

  • 1-2 Zeus or Shocktrain builds
  • 1-2 Punisher builds
  • 0-1 RDB builds
  • 0-1 Trident builds
  • 0-1 Spiral/Hydra builds

With the high popularity of energy shields and very mobile bots, the Zeus and Shocktrain which both penetrate Ancile shields and auto aim at a locked target, they counter the Haechi very well. Spydra, RDB and Trident builds are not highly recommended due to the many Anciles which almost completely block out any non-energy weapon, although they still see use as not all bots have Anciles. The Punishers have seen a resurgence after a major buff and, making them very versatile weapons as they deal very high damage to Ancile and physical shields while also having a bullet spread, which makes them formidable brawlers. However, the Tarans and Magnums usually outperform them, so they are not very commonly seen.

Long range:
  • 0-1 Tempest/Molot builds

Since these are the only long range weapons in the game, many people consider them to be midrangers. These weapons are infamous for being very powerful Ancile breakers. This makes these weapons very viable as Anciles are very popular, similarly to the punishers. This gains the added advantage of outranging Zeuses, Tridents and Shocktrains.

  • 0-1 Trebuchet builds
  • 0-1 Gekko builds
  • 0-1 Arbalest builds
The Trebuchet and Gekko are currently the most popular sniper weapons as they penetrate anciles. Nashorns and Kang Daes are less popular due to anciles completely blocking them out, however, they do have a greater DPM. Trebuchets are most commonly seen on Butches and Furies due to their amazing burst damage and ability to punish enemy bots for miscalculating their dash or jump. Gekkos though deal sustained damage making them somewhat less viable, but their high damage output makes up for that. Arbalests are not recommended, as Gekkos of the same level have a greater DPM, but if the Gekko is not available, the Arbalest could be used as a substitute, because their components are fairly easy to acquire.

Top Tier Setups (3.4)

These are unquestionably the most powerful bots on live server. An entire hangar can be constructed from nearly any one of these bots.


Literally any Medium Weapon in quads can be put onto the Spectre and the robot will become a nightmare. Four Ballistas can give the Spectre almost unparalelled sniping power, and you also have the maneuverablility to dodge incoming fire with the Descend ability. All medium weapons except the Ecu will work, and you can find all strategies within this guide.


  • PDB (Tarans) - Close Quarters Brawler Capper
  • DB (Orkans) - Close Quarters Ambusher Capper
  • Shocktrain - Mid-range Ambusher

The Haechi is the current bot to beat. It is super mobile, can deal high damage, and fairly durable due to the Ancile shield. Its only weakness is plasma (namely Zeuses and Shocktrains). This bot has gained a bad reputation and proves to be extremely controversial due to the expensive pricing and high meta ranking.

The PDB setup is quite a powerhouse due to the total damage adding up to approximately 240k damage, which is enough to break almost any shield, and kill almost any bot. People commonly use this setup as a way to deal with orkan haechis

The DB build is by far the most popular due to its amazing synergy with the dash ability, giving new meaning to hit and run. The premise is simple. You dash in, unload and dash out. By the time you dash out, you should have received very little damage to your bot and your opponent should be dead or at least close to it.

The Shocktrain build while considerably weaker than the 2 previous builds, is a powerful midranger that rivals the Zeus Fury in terms of DPM. The bounce effect allows it to hit multiple targets, making it a great bot for warding off groups or bots.


  • Taran Ember - Close Quarters Brawler
  • Scourge Ember - Close Quarters Ambusher
  • Ember Orkan or Thunder Storm - Close Quarters Ambusher
  • Taran Redeemer - Close Quarters Brawler

The Inquisitor is arguably the best ambusher in the game. Generally looked down upon due to the mediocre health and very high price, but regardless a very dangerous bot. Unlike Griffins and Rogatkas, it does not have to worry about getting hit by Trebs or Zeuses while jumping since the stealth ability activates instantaneously. The stealth ability allows it 5 seconds to retreat behind cover again.

The Taran Ember build is a great brawler which is capable of killing almost any bot that exists within the champion league meta. The extra 5 seconds of stealth after landing means this bot has just enough time to dish out that extra damage. This setup is very popular due to the many Anciles

The Thunder Orkan build is better as an ambusher because of the quick burst damage of the Orkans combined with the high damage of the Thunder. The Thunder is occasionally replaced with the Ember due to more consistent damage. Similarly to the Griffin, this bot becomes a sitting duck after it lands due to the long cooldown and generally slow speed.

The Thunder Storm Inquisitor is an excellent ambusher as the jump allows it to get very close very quickly and sit in stealth mode for 5 seconds, which is more than enough time to destroy any non shielded bot. Even then, this bot is an excellent support bot for breaking Anciles from a distance, allowing friendly DBs and RDBs to inflict more damage to the bot itself.


  • PDB (Tarans) - Close Quarters Brawler
  • DB (Orkans) - Close Quarters Assassin
  • Tulumbas - Mid-range Suppressor
  • Shocktrain - Mid-range Ambusher
  • Scourge - Mid-range Suppressor

The Bulgasari is slightly better than the Griffin in most circumstances. It is fairly vulnerable to splash damage but makes up for it with the dash ability and very powerful physical shield. All its weapons are on one side, giving it a terrifying cornershooting ability.

The Scourge can be scary on a Bulgasari as it is possible to fire it while shielded by turning to the side, giving it reliable plasma protection while also being able to dish out damage back. This bot can also be a formidable brawler due to the Scourge's increasing damage with decreasing distance.

The most popular build, the DB build similar to the Haechi is a deadly assassin bot capable of dealing massive damage to unwary enemies. Unlike the Haechi, this bot has better matchups against all plasma bots.

The PDB and Shocktrain builds generally hold the same strategies as the PDB and Shocktrain Haechi.


  • Ancilot (Ancile Taran, Scourge, Orkan) - Close Quarters Tank
  • Ember Taran, Scourge, Orkan - Close Quarters Brawler

What once used to be an amazing bot is now relegated to being merely excellent. This tank is still effective at holding territory. The introduction of the Ember has weakened the ancilot but it remains powerful nonetheless. It has its medium weapons spaced wide apart, which gives it the ability to shoot both weapons while being shielded by cover.

The Ancilot has had a fearsome reputation for its destructive power in the meta. The physical shields combined with the Ancile and two Tarans made this bot a great brawler in the game. Even though this bot has lost some of its power, it is still a fearsome sight on the battlefield. The many recent buffs to the Orkan made this weapon a viable option to use on the Ancilot. Even though the Tarans do more damage over time, the Orkan's incredible burst damage accounts for that. This bot is much better as an ambusher rather than a brawler, though it does well in both roles. Some people decide to replace the Ancile with an Ember due to its impressive damage and ability to ignore both physical and energy shields.


  • Zeus - Mid-range Suppressor
  • Trebuchet - Sniper
  • Trident - Mid-range ambusher
  • Ancile/Dual Thunder or Pure Thunder - Sluggish assassin
  • Tempest - Long-range Suppressor
  • Ancile/Dual Ember or Pure Ember
  • Dragoon - Mid-range Suppressor

The Fury never seems to be too far from being an automatic inclusion in the top tier bots. This bot arguably boasts the highest firepower in the game and has a good amount of health to boot. Fury's immense firepower allows it to be the best bot for midrange/long range, and barely functional as a brawler with certain setups.

Adrian Chong popularized the ancile double ember build due to it being a carnage that sacrifices speed for a large increase in health and a stronger ancile. The triple Ember build is not very popular due to the Raijin having the bastion boost as well as the frontal shields while also having firepower close to that of the Fury (in bastion mode). However, both bots have their niches.

The most popular setup, the Zeus Fury is very popular nowadays due to the excessive amount of dash bots on the battlefields. Their mobility means nothing when the zeus has auto aim. This bot is arguably the best midranger in the game, second only to the Shocktrain dashes, while also being a solid counter to the Kumiho and Haechi as well as Ancilots, Carnages and Griffins.

The Trident build was first made popular back in the Britbot era when Galahads and Lancelots dominated the fields. Though this setup has died down due to more Anciles, it is still semi-popular due to its very high DPM and quick unload time as well as their fearsome reputation.

The Thunder build is probably the least effective of the Fury builds, but still does well in certain situations. In beacon rush, similarly to the Raijin it can spawn on a friendly beacon and ambush any enemy bots nearby. the immense firepower however means almost nothing when faced with Orkan Haechis or Orkancilots because of the Fury's lack of protection. Once again, the Ancile on this bot proves to be very useful as a replacement for the very fragile Carnage.

The Tempest build is one of the most deadly long range autocannon builds as the sustained damage and armor piercing proves to be a threat to any bot that doesn't outrange it. Though this works mainly as a long ranger, the Tempests are decent weapons in knife fights meaning it can defend itself if a challenger approaches. This bot's main drawback is the 10 second reload which many people find annoying to deal with.

The Trebuchet Fury is a very powerful sniper bot. This bot can deal massive damage instantly to any enemy that is not careful. Unlike the Butch, there is no need to switch to another set of Trebs which makes it inconvenient to target fast moving targets. The Butch still commonly replaces this bot due to the much higher burst damage.

Niche Bots

Niche bots which are perhaps not as useful overall but can be very powerful in specific situations. A shift in the meta may be all it takes to get bumped up to the A-team or down to the scrapheap.


  • Taran (Tarans) - Beacon Capper
  • Orkan - Beacon Capper
  • Shocktrain - Mid-range Brawler

The Kumiho is an unparalleled beacon capper. The hardpoints on the Kumiho are also very tall which allows the Kumiho to safely shoot over obstacles while remaining safe from return fire. It is essentially another take on the Rogatka.


  • Taranasaurus Rog (Tarans) - Beacon Capper
  • Orkan - Beacon Capper -
  • Shocktrain - Mid-range Brawler

The Rogatka is an excellent beacon capper. It can outpace almost any other bot, but lacks defensive capabilities, and so should be used in a swift/sneaky fashion.


  • Zeus - Mid-range Suppressor
  • Ember - Close Quarters Ambusher
  • Thunder - Budget Ambusher
  • Dragoon - Mid-range Suppressor

The Carnage is excellent as both a close quarters ambusher and as a mid-range suppressor. It is weak to plasma. It must use cover to get close where it can bring the hurt on, but this can be difficult on some maps, where it may be ripped apart by plasma before it can do anything. The Carnage works very well with the Dragoon due to its low health and that it weapons are mounted on the top of this bot. It outranges almost many weapons that can deal massive damage.


  • PDB (Tarans + Magnums) - Beacon Capper Tank
  • DB (Orkans + Pinatas) - Beacon Capper Tank
  • Hellfire (Orkan + Magnum) - Beacon Capper Tank

The Rhino has been making a bit of a comeback. Most bots top tier bots are vulnerable to plasma making the Rhino's sturdy shield and fast run speed very appealing. Unfortunately, this bot is never able to avoid rocket damage.


  • Tulumbas - Mid-range Suppressor
  • Orkans - Close-quarters brawler support
  • Hydra (Headache Machine) - Mid-range Suppressor

The Doc excels at providing additional damage from behind a friendly bot. The burst damage isn't very exciting but over time it adds quite a bit of damage. It is not especially durable, so is best used as an ambush/assassin bot, or as support for knifers. One semi-popular setup for this bot is to use Hydra. Hydras can accumulate a lot of damage, and it is essentially like a spec-ops take on the other setup with Tulumbas.


  • RDB (tulu/pin) - Mid Range Brawler
  • Leadhose (punishers) - Close and mid-range Suppressor
  • Gunship (molots) - Anti-mid-range Suppressor
  • Stuka (aphid/orkan) - Close range brawler
  • Death button (pinata/orkan) - Close range assassin
  • Plasma (taran/magnum) - Close range brawler

The Griffin is a controversial bot because of its strangely high popularity. People look at it and notice the low health, average speed and horrendous ability cooldown. However, the ability to jump makes this bot a great assassin and allows for limited hit and run tactics.

Currently the least optimal build, the RDB Griffin has great burst damage limited only by a long reload time. The burst damage is not enough to knock down an ancile, so this leads it into some troublesome situations. However, it still has good uses, especially when battling bots like the Galahad, unshielded Lancelot, any unshielded bot and Bulgasaris.

The leadhose Griffin is a very versatile setup. It can deal huge damage at melee ranges and melts Anciles and "fat bots" at 350m or higher. This does not function too well at anything, but it is good at almost everything to do with midrange.

The gunship Griffin is very similar to the leadhose, except it sacrifices damage for longer range and a shorter clip.

The stuka Griffin is a setup that allows for harassment of the enemy while they approach by firing aphids over walls. This will deplete their health, leaving them more vulnerable to Orkan fire when you jump over and attack. This setup however is walled by dash bots since they can dodge the aphids and Orkan fire at the same time (even worse with the Haechi since its shield can absorb Orkan damage).

The regular death button Griffin is an ambush bot with the potential to deal massive damage within 4 seconds, killing almost all non-ancile-shielded bots in the game. This setup fails against Anciled bots as it cannot kill them with one salvo. This setup is also limited by a long reload time.


  • Christmas Tree (4x Trebuchet)
  • Zeus/Trident

The Butch Trebuchet is expensive to make but can be useful for long maps. The massive burst damage is limited by some of the worst DPM in the game. It is a sniper though, so not surprising. This bot proved deadly to all unshielded bots, especially those who jump or dash out into the open at the wrong time. Usually seen on maps such as Springfield and Yamantau, this bot can deal almost a whopping 80k damage within 1.5 seconds.

The less common Zeus Trident setup, however, sacrifices the 3 hardpoints of the Fury for the ability to switch between 2 Zeuses and 2 Tridents which makes this bot a more versatile midranger, switching between the different weapon sets to counter the opponent more effectively.


  • Embers/Ember Ancile
  • Tempests
  • Dragoons
  • Thunders/Thunder Ancile
  • Redeemer/Redeemer Ancile

It has 2 main roles. Being an extremely powerful brawler and an excellent beacon defender. Though it was intended to be a sniper, its massive health and shield make it optimal for brawling and defending. It has the highest combined hp (all hp of a robot added up including hp of shields) in the game, with much firepower in Bastion mode. With a good setup, the Raijin can take on and defeat any bot with ease in a 1v1 melee battle situation (with the exception of another Raijin, of course).

Two Embers give the Raijin an insane amount of firepower in its Bastion mode. An Ancile on the Raijin with a single Ember allows for extra versatility, trading the extra firepower of a second Ember for the added protection of the Ancile's energy shield.

Thunders are mainly used when playing beacon rush as the beacon ambush Thunder Raijin is devastating to whatever bot it is facing. A full health Raijin can easily tank a full DB salvo, which means it wins in almost all melee matchups. Thunders are more of a niche however due to their bullet spread leaving their damage output very low beyond 100m.

With the Tempest, it works as an excellent sustained damage dealer that can protect itself quite easily so as to keep up the pressure. The Bastion mode allows it to deal a significant amount of damage under the cover of your shield. Because of the high range, you cannot be targeted by splash damage as the longest range splash weapon is the trident who's range falls 200m short of the tempest, thus eliminating the need of an Ancile. This bot could be considered a bit of a swiss army knife because tempests deal respectable damage at close range.

Arguably the most powerful setup is the double Dragoon. Able to deal enormous damage at long ranges as well as boasting a physical shield which allows it to be a counter to the Shocktrain Spectre and Bulgasari due to the longer range, much higher damage, and shields. Due to its gargantuan health pool, even after destroying the shield, this bot can still be a huge menace which is nearly impossible to kill.


  • Ancile/Ecu
  • Ancile/Gust
  • Ancile/Pinata
  • Thunder/Gust

The Hellburner is an attempt at a new playing style: run at them and blow them up with a mighty explosion! This robot's ability, Overload, makes the robot's reactor core overload, resulting in the robot's speed increasing, allowing you to quickly cover distance towards the enemy, get them within the 50 meter radius of the blast, and let 'em have it!

An ancile is very effective on this robot, as it makes you temporarily immune to Rockets, and an Ecu allows for protection against Plasma, which in turn allows you to get close enough to let the Overload explosion to deal around 70-80k. Otherwise, a Gust or Pinata with the Ancile or even a Thunder can be surprisingly effective.


  • Ember/Magnum
  • Dragoon/Magnum
  • Redeemer/Magnum
  • Thunder/Gust

The Mercury is very similar to the Hellburner, as they both have an ability that allows for a unique style of play. While the Hellburner has Overload, the Mercury has Helldive: The robot activates Descend, and while in mid-flight, you have the option to abruptly dive down and create an explosion similar to the Hellburner, but dealing less damage.

An Ember/Magnum setup is very effective at close range, as the Ember can pass through any shield, and deals incredible damage, while the Magnum works very well as a support weapon to the Ember. A Dragoon can be used to heckle the enemy at mid-range, and if they get close, the Magnums can be used to deal damage along with the Dragoon. Thunder/Gust can be used as a very effective Ambush setup.


  • Gust

The Pursuer is a direct upgrade to the Stalker, and should, therefore, be played just like one. Use the Hunt ability to quickly close in on a Beacon (or an unsuspecting foe) and use Stealth to your advantage. Gusts are incredibly effective on this robot, easily dealing around 25k a second at point-blank range (which is surprisingly easy to get to, due to the Hunt ability).


  • Redeemer/Magnum
  • Thunder/Gust
  • Thermite/Aphid

The Strider is currently the second-fastest robot in the game, due to the fact that the robot has a massive 5 Dash Charges. Therefore, a huge variety of setups can be used, such as the Thermite/Aphid. You can quickly Dash out of cover, push the Fire Button, and quickly dash back. Redeemer/Magnum or Thunder/Gust can be used as a surprisingly effective brawling setups, considering the robot's low HP.


Starter Bots

These are the poor man's bots while transitioning to more powerful bots. It is advisable to transition to better bots as soon as possible.


  • Taran
  • Orkan
  • Ecu

This starter bot will be one of the most effective beacon cappers until a better premium bot becomes available. An Ecu on this bot makes for an excellent low-league beacon capper and with enough skill, could be used effectively up to diamond league. A Taran on this bot allows for a harasser bot which can outmanoeuvre heavy bots while cornershooting. An Orkan is sometimes used instead of a Taran due to the higher burst damage.


  • Thunder Taran
  • Thunder Orkan

The Boa, affectionately known as the toaster, is a great brawler for when you only have one Taran or Orkan. The high hp and relatively decent speed make this bot a great bot to learn corner shooting, proper range, and the finer points of brick fighting. This bot also has a slim body making it somewhat harder to hit with bullet or splash weapons.


  • Thunder Taran Magnum
  • Thunder Orkan Pinata

The Golem has two major advantages. The first is that it is fast and cheap to upgrade (nearly half the time/cost). The second is that it has a small, medium, and heavy hardpoint. This lets new players level up a light and medium hardpoint in preparation for the day they can graduate to the f2p savior--the Griffin.


  • Pothead Warrior (Ancile Aphid or Ancile Magnum)
  • Trident/Pins
  • Thunder Magnum
  • Thunder Pinata

The Leo is sometimes referred to as the poor man's Lancelot. The damage is nearly identical to a lancelot for most equivalent setups. The major difference is that there is no frontal shield and no sprint ability. These differences make the Leo sub-optimal for higher leagues.


  • Zeus Gekko
  • Tempest Molot
  • Thunder/Gust

The Natasha is the poor man's Fury. The damage is similar for most equivalent setups but there are some notable differences. Some setups have no equivalent while other have out of sync ranges or firing patterns. The Natasha gets the job done but it won't be pretty.

With the addition of the gust, the natasha has become a fearsome beacon rush ambusher, able to dish out the highest DPS out of any robot in the game. However, this robot remains niche due to the lack of any form of protection. other than relatively high health

The Scrap Heap

These bots aren't all bad but typically offer poor value for the money. A shift in the meta or relative power of a weapon could bump some of these bots out of the scrap heap.


  • Ninja (Magnums)
  • Aphid

This little guy used to be the creme de la creme of beacon thieves. Unfortunately, two magnums or aphids don't do nearly enough damage to be especially useful in higher leagues.

The addition of the gust may have led to a very slight resurgence of the occasional stalker. The stealth allows for 8 seconds of safety while dishing out up to 20k DPS, able to kill any bot within 10 seconds (that's amazing for a stalker). however even then, this bot is often forgotten as the stealth ability simply doesn't last long enough.


  • Taran Magnum
  • Storm/Gust

The Gareth suffered terribly when bots could no longer backpedal away from rockets, and even more so when mid range rocket weapons were buffed. It was an excellent beacon capper and mini-tank, but it is now far too vulnerable to fulfill this role.


  • Aphid

The Jesse never fully hit its stride. The best setup involved Aphids. Unfortunately, the low firing height of the Jesse made it difficult to clear low buildings.


  • Magnum
  • Aphid
  • Pinata

The Gepard used to be the seal clubbers bot of choice. Due to the defunct tier system, this bot could use level 12 weapons when everyone else had a maximum of level 8. After years of abuse, this bot was nerfed into the ground right before the league system was introduced. Aphids are needed for this to remain effective.

In 2018, the Gepard is anticipated to make a comeback, however it will most likely still stay sub-optimal.


This bot used to be a usable bot in the defunct tier system. These days, the Golem is better due to the low cost, higher health and firepower.


The Schutze was a bronze tier menace but struggles to be useful in the higher leagues.


Was Destrier ever good?