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Common Robot setups

See also: Matchmaking

These are some of the most common configurations that you will see in the game. They are listed here because advanced players have found them to be the most effective and versatile combinations. The list is not exhaustive and should only be used as a guide; your play style will dictate what you personally find most useful.

Nicknames for robots usually involve a robotdhvjkdhdfhjkfhgjkfhbkfgbfs name followed by a description of their weapon setup (Griffin Death Button). However, it should be note that this order can vary from player to player. Both "Death Button Griffin" and Griffin "Death Button" are acceptable.

Light Robots

Starter bots

These robots are useful until more advanced robots and weapons are available. They typically cost silver to purchase and can be upgraded with advanced weapons. While not optimal, these bots are still very deadly and not to be underestimated.


Cossack Capper

  • Basic loadout: Punisher MkII
  • Permium loadout A: Orkan
  • Premium loadout B: Taran
  • Ideal Range: 250-350m

The Cossack is one of the first bots that players will buy. It is one of the most mobile bots in the game and is great for capturing beacons. The premium loadouts are fairly deadly in the early leagues but quickly lose steam. The Cossack is inevitably replaced due to low health and low damage output.


Death ostrich

  • Basic loadout: Thunder
  • Ideal Range: 0-150m

The Schutze is one of the first true brawlers that new players have access to. Equipped with a thunder the Thunder Schutze is cheap to buy and has great burst, decent speed, and acceptable health. It is quickly overshadowed by medium bots equipped with premium weapons. This bot is deadly at close range and can quickly close in. This is basically a mini carnage without rush, one less weapon slot and no ancile shield.

Advanced Bots

Advanced bots typically outperform the beginner bots but cost either WSP or Au. The extra cost is well worth it as these robots are needed for top tier play.


Screenshot 2016-04-10-13-00-35-1
Stalker Ninja
  • loadout A: Twin Magnums
  • loadout B: Twin Pinata
  • loadout C: Twin Aphid
  • Ideal Range: 250-350m

This setup is made for those into speed, stealth, damage and especially beacon capping. Unfortunately, the two light hard points are usually considered to be more of an annoyance than an actual threat in higher leagues. Still, the Stalker Ninja excels at beacon capping, hit and run tactics, and flanking maneuvers.


Plasma Gareth

  • loadout: Taran and a Magnum
  • Ideal Range: 250-350m

The plasma Gareth's main strength is its incredible speed and physical shield. The speed allows the Gareth to quickly flank enemies or evade close range rockets. The physical shield, while comparably weak, is more than enough to block a few shots of damage while moving between cover. This deadly combination makes the Gareth a beast of a beacon capper and very effective in a supporting flank and harass role during a firefight. This bot's main weakness is mid-range splash damage and open maps with very little cover.

Medium Robots

Starter bots

These robots are useful until more advanced robots and weapons are available. They typically cost silver to purchase and can be upgraded with advanced weapons. While not optimal, these bots are still very deadly and not to be underestimated.


Screenshot 2016-01-24-21-42-17-1
Vityaz Melee
  • Basic loadout: Thunder and 2 Pinatas
  • Premium loadout: Thunder and 2 magnums
  • Ideal Range: 0 to 250m

This is one of the cheapest and most effective starter bot as it uses all silver weaponry. The Vityaz Melee is faster than most heavy bots and more durable than most light bots. This medium bot works best at extreme close range but can operate at slightly longer distance with the premium magnum loadout.

Gl. Patton

Screenshot 2016-01-24-21-41-14-1
Gl. Patton Melee
  • Basic loadout A: 4 Pinatas, 3 Pinatas and an Ecu
  • Basic loadout B: 4 Punishers
  • Premium loadout: 4 Magnums
  • Ideal range: 0-250m for basic loadout and 100-350m for premium loadout

The GI. Patton Melee is slower than other medium bots but makes up for it with four light hardpoints. The basic loadout A will leave the robot vulnerable after firing thus some pilots opt for an Ecu shield to use while reloading. Basic loadout B uses Punishers which trade the burst of the Pinata for a sustained damage output. The premium loadout does not have this shortcoming since the magnums never need to reload and can advance until destroyed.

Gl. Patton Mid Range

  • Basic loadout A: 4 Pins
  • Basic loadout B: 4 Spirals
  • Ideal range: 450-500m for basic loadout A and 550-600m for basic loadout B

The mid range Patton is a great way to deal damage to opposing bots with less chance of retaliation. Loadout A uses pins to deal splash damage from as much as 500m away while loadout B can deal damage from up to 600m. With practice, both weapon setups can deal damage to bots hiding behind walls. The downside of these loadouts is that the damage is noticeably less than the melee setups.

Gl. Patton Long Range

  • Basic loadout: 4 Molots
  • Premium loadout: 4 Gekkos
  • Ideal range: 650m+

Long range Pattons are not recommended. That said, they can occupy a very narrow niche role of countering slow mid-rangers like the Natasha and Fury. Both the basic and premium loadouts stay out of the 600m mid-range zone of the Zeus and Trident. Upcoming changes may add the Noricum to the list acceptable loadouts.


Screenshot 2016-01-24-21-39-55-1
Boa Melee
  • Basic loadout: Thunder and a Punisher
  • Premium loadout A: Thunder and an Orkan
  • Premium loadout B: Thunder and a Taran
  • Ideal range: 0-200m and up to 350m for premium loadout B

The Boa Melee, affectionately known as the toaster, is a starter bot to be reckoned with. The boa has incredible hp, good speed, and decent weapon hard points. This brawler is excellent in early leagues on small maps due to its corner shooting abilities. It regrettably becomes obsolete in higher leagues where its damage output does not keep up.


Screenshot 2016-01-24-21-43-00-1
Golem Melee
  • Basic loadout: Thunder, a Punisher, and a Punisher Mk II
  • Premium loadout A: Thunder, Orkan, and a pinata
  • Premium loadout B: Thunder, Taran, and a magnum
  • Ideal range: 0-250m or 100-350m for premium loadaout B

The Golem Melee, equipped with a heavy, medium, and light weapon hardpoint, has the highest damage output of all the medium starter bots. The golem also has the least health points of the medium starter bots. This shortcoming can be mitigated somewhat by the Golem's excellent corner shooting capabilities. This bot's health becomes a liability in higher leagues and it loses out to more nimble bots like the Rogatka.

Golem Mid Range

  • Premium loadout: Trident, Tulumba, Pin
  • Ideal range: 0-250m or 100-350m for premium loadaout B

The golem's high firepower is best used for mid range attacks where its low health pool isn't as important. This setup, also known as the Rocket Golem, is a fairly easy mid-ranger to make since it only uses one wsp weapon. The uneven reload times are somewhat irritating but the usefulness of this robot can't be denied.

Advanced Bots

Advanced bots typically outperform the beginner bots but cost either WSP or Au. The extra cost is well worth it as these robots are needed for top tier play.


Taranasaurus Rog

  • loadout: Dual Taran
  • Ideal range: 300-350m
  • Strong against: All death buttons
  • Vulnerable against: Plasma, Spydra Griffin, and Mid-range

The Taranasaurus Rog is an incredibly nimble and dangerous bot. At maximum level this bot can deliver a staggering 142k damage per 9.8 seconds. This is enough to kill anything with the same amount or less health than the Vityaz. A buff to the Rogatka (2.8.0) made it the fastest medium bot in the game. This build is excellent for beacon capping and the most damage award.

Dual Orkan Rog

  • loadout: Dual Taran
  • Ideal range: 0-250m
  • Strong against: All death buttons and shielded bots
  • Vulnerable: Plasma, Spydra Griffin, and Mid-range

The Rogatka armed with the Orkans is incredibly efficient at killing shielded bots like the Rhino, Lancelot, and Galahad. Additionally, the speed and jump ability make the Rogatka able to avoid damage from incoming orkan and pinatas.


Plasma galahad

  • loadout: Taran and 2 Magnums
  • Ideal range: 300-350m
  • Strong against: Most plasma and DB loadouts
  • Vulnerable to: Mid-range splash and Dual Orkan Rogs

This setup is common in higher tiers and is often considered the most powerful setup this bot can have. Its shield can soak up a lot of damage while the Galahad deals damage back. The Galahad's high speed can enable it to fall back until the taran reloads and then reengage combat. Additionally, the Galahad can avoid most Orkan damage by backpeddling with the shield retracted.


Carnage Assassin

  • loadout: 2 Thunders
  • Ideal range: 0-150m
  • Strong against: Unshielded bots
  • Vulnerable to: Plasma

The Thunder Carnage is an absolute terror at ranges of 150m or less and is effective in destroying ancile shields up to 500m away. Approaching under cover, knowing when to sprint, and being comfortable at ultra close range (ideally 150m or less) are key to pushing this bot to the absolute maximum. This unit excels at small maps with cover and under performs on large maps and against plasma. Expert players who use this bot tend to flank their enemies and sneak up on them, then firing at extreme close range, dealing massive damage before they have time to react.

Trident Carnage

  • loadout: 2 Tridents
  • Ideal range: 550m
  • Strong against: Bots without Ancile, low hp bots
  • Vulnerable to: Plasma, Trebuchet

The Trident Carnage is a popular mid-range setup which boasts excellent mobility and range with acceptable damage and durability. The sprint ability allows the Carnage to get into firing position or out of danger quickly while the 600m range of the Trident allows the Carnage to stay out of the melee zone. The burst damage and sustained damage is on the lower end of the mid-range setups. The Carnage is incredibly vulnerable to plasma, particularly the trebuchet, but makes up for it with a built-in ancile.

Zeus Carnage

  • loadout: 2 Zues
  • Ideal range: 550m
  • Strong against: Unshielded bots, low hp bots
  • Vulnerable to: Plasma

The Zeus Carnage is another great mid-range setup. The mobility of the Carnage combines nicely with the range of the Zeus. This setup, while similar to the Trident Carnage, sacrifices the burst damage of the Tridents for the higher sustained damage of the Zeus. In addition, the Zeus penetrates ancile but is blocked by physical shields. One potential downside of the Zeus Carnage is that firing every 5 seconds requires greater exposure to return fire. Despite these trade offs, the Zeus Carnage continues to be an effective mid-ranger.

Note: Some users report a bug where the Zeus does no damage, reduced damage, or delayed damage. The bug is being worked on in the test server and may be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Gl. Patton

Gl. Patton 'Mini Nuke'

  • loadout: 4 Aphids
  • Ideal range: 250m-350m
  • Strong against: Slow bots without ancile
  • Vulnerable to: Fast bots and jumpy bots

The Aphid Patton setup is an excellent close range support bot against slower heavy bots and on maps with low cover. The lock-on feature helps to curve the aphids around corners somewhat to increase the accuracy against moving targets. This bot excels with cover and friendly melee bots but will perish quickly when out in the open and without nearby friendly knife fighters.


Tulu Doc

  • loadout: 4 Tulumbas
  • Ideal range: 450m
  • Strong against: Non-Ancile bots
  • Vulnerable to: Mid-range

The Tulu Doc while not the most popular mid-range setup is increasingly popular. While relatively fragile, the Doc's speed combined with respectable burst damage makes this setup very usable. Unlike most mid-range setups, the Tulu Doc plays aggressively and does well on both small and large maps.


Tri Orkan and Taran Fujin

  • Orkan loadout: 3 Orkans
  • Taran loadout: 3 Tarans
  • Ideal range: 250m-350m
  • Strong against: Splash damage
  • Vulnerable to: Plasma

The Fujin, while not a top tier bot, is nonetheless seen occasionally in middle leagues. The sentry ability allows the Fujin strong protection from Death Button setups and Trident setups. The Orkan Fujin has strong burst damage splash damage while the Taran loadout has incredible sustained plasma damage. The key to survival is target selection and hit and run tactics.

Tri Hydra

  • loadout: 3 Hydras
  • Ideal range: 550m
  • Strong against: Wounded bots, mid-rangers, light and medium bots
  • Vulnerable to: Plasma and all melee range bots

The triple Hydra Fujin can provide consistent, if somewhat limited, damage from sheltered positions.  With the introduction of the Moon Map, it has usefulness as a strong support bot. Picking off low hp bots, light and medium robots, and mid-rangers is the best use of this setup.

Heavy Robots

Starter bots

These robots are useful until more advanced robots and weapons are available. They typically cost silver to purchase and can be upgraded with advanced weapons. While not optimal, these bots are still very deadly and not to be underestimated.


Knife-fighter Leo

  • Basic loadout: Thunder and 3 Pinatas
  • Premium loadout: Thunder and 3 Magnums
  • Ideal range: 0-250m for loadout A and 50-350m for loadout B

The knife fighter Leo capitalizes on its incredible HP to survive long enough to deal lethal damage. The basic loadout is great at close range but is limited by the slow speed of the Leo when chasing an opponent down. The premium version using Magnums has more range and no reload time.


Natasha Mid Range

  • loadout A: 2 Tridents and 2 Pins
  • loadout B: 2 Tridents and 2 Molots
  • Ideal range: 450m for loadout A and 550m for loadout B

The mid range Natasha is the poor man's Trident Fury--similar damage but with 100m shorter range. This setup is a great way for players to determine whether they will enjoy the play style of the Trident fury without needing to spend 5000 Au.


Molot Griffin

  • loadout: 2 Molots and 2 Molot MkIIs
  • Ideal range: 650m
  • Strong against: Mid-rangers and large slow bots
  • Vulnerable to: Close quarters bots that get into range

The Molot Griffin is a build popularized by youtuber Adrian Chong as a counter to the Trident Fury and Zeus Fury. The Molot Griffin can sit out of range of the Fury and wear it down.

Advanced Bots

Advanced bots typically outperform the beginner bots but, with the exception of the Griffin, cost either WSP or Au. The extra cost is well worth it as these robots are needed for top tier play.


Chubby Lancelot

A Lancelot equipped with twin Orkans and a Thunder.

This knife fighting set-up is not new, as it is a well known close-combat combination for other bots such as the Boa and the Golem. What makes this combo more effective for the Lancelot, is the presence of the robot's front shield that minimize frontal damage and a Rush ability used to quickly close-in on an opponent, to fire a volley.

Although not as powerful as a "death button" when it comes to instant damage, the advantage of this weapon combo, is that it can do follow-thru attacks from both the Thunder and Orkans (the two weapons can reload while firing). This sustained attack, although it deals less damage compared to the initial volley, can be useful in dealing additional attacks to finish off enemies, instead of waiting for both weapons to reload completely.


A Lancelot with an Ancile. This build has become very popular with the recent Ancile buff. Can often be seen with two Tarans, who have by far the highest damage output of any medium weapons, less frequently with two Orkans. You are, however, sacrificing a lot of firepower to gain "invincibility".

It is very difficult to take down an Ancilot, as a high level Ancile will block the full damage output from a pair of Orkans, while the physical shield will block massive amounts of physical damage. The best way to attack it is using two similar robots that have a massive damage output, like two DB Griffins or two Thunder/Magnum Leos. Another way is to sneak up behind it with a Ninja Stalker or a PDB Griffin. The plasma weapons will bypass the Ancile shield and there is no physical shield behind the Lancilot.


Screenshot 2016-01-24-20-51-41-1
Death Button Griffin

A Griffin equipped with 2 Pinatas and 2 Orkan.

The Griffin Death Button is effectively the most powerful bot setup in the game, on par with the triple Thunder Fury. This setup is capable of annihilating any bot in the game short of a maxed Boa or heavy robot filled to the brim with Anciles. The reason why it is called the death button is because you will quickly eliminate any robot in the game in single combat by holding down the red button. However, this setup isn't too useful for multiple opponents, this is because Orkans lack the sustained firepower of Thunders and the Griffin lacks the speed and durability of most knife fighters. Therefore, it is recommended that you Jump away when facing multiple opponents. Jumping backwards from a rocket attack will also negate most of the potential damage, so this setup can be effectively used to attack Rhino rocket death buttons. This setup is also useful for most damage awards.

Plasma Death Button Griffin

A Griffin equipped with 2 Tarans and 2 Magnums.

This setup uses surprise tactics and heavy fire power to eliminate foes fairly quickly. This setup has a 50m range advantage over a normal death button and is not affected by the Ancile shield. It also has a faster reload than with Orkans and will outgun almost every other bot setup in the game, even a triple Thunder Fury. However, it can still be defeated by a normal death button. A normal death button will do 135k damage in 3.2 seconds compared to the plasma death button which does 200k+ damage in 10 seconds. Due to the fact that the Griffin "only" has 168k health at max level and its relatively low speed means that a death button can ambush a plasma death button and disable it quickly then finish it off with the Orkans. Therefore it is recommended to be careful when using this bot as the Tarans make it a primary target. It is still recommended for the most damage award however. The best strategy for using this bot is to blast the enemy from 350m away, this will ensure that you do not get pulverized by Orkans and Pinatas while still being able to destroy your opponents. This setup costs around 18k WSP but is easily worth the price as the only robot that can compete with this robot in terms of damage would be death button Rhino or the plasma death Rhino.

Russian Death Button Griffin

A Griffin equipped with 2 Pins and 2 Tulumbas.

The Griffin Russian Death button has quite a bit less power than the normal death buttons, but it still has quite a bit of power. The main factor about the Russian Death Button however, is range. This setup has 200m more range than the death button, making this useful for popping in and out of combat. You can deal a large amount of damage to a normal death button from 500m and then jump away so that you don't get hit, making this a useful tool for countering Pinata users. It is also worth mentioning that the large blast radius of Pins and Tulumbas make this setup excellent at clearing out encamped enemies from a safe distance.

Ambusher Griffin

A Griffin equipped With 2 Aphids and 2 Tarans.

The idea for this set up is to first fire the Aphids over a building, then jump to unleash tarans upon your enemy. However, this is not recommended for destroying light robots, they can miss the Aphids easily. Use this to surprise snipers or heavy and medium robots. This is good for Dead City and Shenzhen because of the buildings, but not for Yamantau and Springfield, because there are many places with open spaces. This setup is only useful in Yamantau when near Beacon D. Also useful for most damage award.

Stuka Griffin

A Griffin equipped With 2 Aphids and 2 Orkans.

The Stuka Griffin, also known as the aphid death button (ADB), is named after the world war II Stuka dive bomber. As the name suggests, the strength of this setup comes from its jumping attacks using both aphids and orkans. This setup is great for surprise attacks on solitary shielded bots and slow heavy bots from behind cover. It outperforms on small maps like Dead City, Shenzen, Power Plant, and the moon map. However, the Stuka Griffin tends to under perform on larger maps like Springfield, Yamantau, and Canyon.


Triple Trident Fury

Fury with three Tridents

The Triple Trident Fury is a major menace to any robot, shielded or unshielded. The high damage and long range of Tridents allows for you to effectively suppress enemy robots and the splash damage of each rocket means that even shielded robots will be running for cover. This setup is effective at mid-long range but not at short range.

Triple Zeus Fury

Fury with three Zeuses

The Triple Zeus Fury works similarly to a Triple Trident Fury, but it forfeits splash damage for higher damage. Triple Zeus's allow for instant damage every 5 seconds, quickly destroying any bot caught in the open. However, Zeus's cannot penetrate physical shields, so a Triple Zeus Fury will be very vulnerable against robots like Rhino and Lancelot.


Christmas tree

A butch equipped with 4 trebuchets

This bot setup (given its name by youtuber Adrian Chong) is by far the most powerful sniper setup, with a maximum damage of 70,160 per fully charged salvo (the max for 4 kang daes would be 47,812). The reason this setup is so successful is because the reload time of the trebuchet (including charge time to max power) is slightly longer than the Quick draw ability's cooldown, meaning when the weapon is fully loaded, you can shoot the first 2, switch and shoot the other 2. The trebuchet ignores ancile shields, meaning it is a menace to ancilots and carnages.


Death Button Rhino

The most notorious setup from high gold to top tier. This consists of a Rhino with 2x Orkans and 2x Pinatas. It is known for wiping out most robots in under 4 seconds. The idea is: lock on to the bot you want to inflict your damage on. Deactivate assault mode, then press the red button. To do this properly you must make sure you're dealing the right amount of damage. If it is against a high health bot with full health, unleash the full frenzy. If they don't have a lot of health, empty a pinata on them. After destroying (or severely damaging) the robot, re-enter assault mode and let your weapons charge.

Hellfire Rhino

The Rhino Hellfire is armed with 2x Magnums and 2x Orkans. It specializes in burst damage. The concept behind the Hellfire is simple: enter assault mode, close to 300m, deactivate assault mode and fire at the opponent. Most robots will not survive one salvo. If they don't, reenter assault mode and keep firing the Magnums. The shield can protect you from enemy fire while reloading the Orkans while the Magnums provide cover fire.

Rhino Hellfire requires very good situational awareness and map awareness. Try not to unload all 64 rockets at once. Instead, hold down on the fire button and then at half-ammo, release to check on the target's health. Another idea is to only fire one launcher at once. Since there is a delay between the damage of the rockets and the enemy's health-bar, it might show the enemy at half-health after a half-salvo when in fact the enemy is already dead but the health-bar is still registering. By using good fire-discipline, a pilot can conserve ammunition, reduce reload down-time and increase survivability, especially when faced with multiple targets.

When using this setup, be very aware of any rocket users. As a Rhino, you cannot escape as easily as a Griffin with its jump. Rocket users and Stalkers will be your primary target for the longevity of your bot and the success of your team. Avoid them if possible and engage them on your terms.

Plasma Death Button Rhino

Rhino with two Tarans and two Magnums

When you're using a PDB Rhino, you have to know when to flank, run away and when to put your shield up or down.

Run away if a DB Rhino is 320m in front of you. Flank when you see another Rhino (even DB and PDB variations, you'll take him out before he can do enough damage, especially if he's distracted by your teammates) or more than three enemies. Put your shield up when reloading your taran, during a Stalker's stealth, against a Thunder until it slows down, when travelling between kills and against a PDB Griffin until the tarans run out, but keep your shield down all other times. Your shield should also be used when there are snipers on the enemy team but no enemies around or when travelling towards snipers. No need to take unnecessary damage.

The shield on a PDB Rhino should be used offensively, not defensively. The only boost you should get from the shield is speed, braving sniper fire and defense until a PDB Griffin runs out of taran juice or until a Boa Thunder taran runs out of Thunder and taran juice. The biggest mistake I see when facing other PDB Rhino pilots is that they rely too much on their shields. You have failed if you are just taking damage from an enemy PDB Rhino with your shield. You should always try to flank another Rhino when in a PDB, even if you have to let your teammates take a bit of damage.

However, there is a way to deal with PDB Rhinos even if you have not flanked him. Turn back and run if it has orkans, but Tulus are okay. Rush slightly to the right or left of him until you get past his shield, once you do that, then start circling around him. Most of the time he will try to turn towards you in a futile attempt to block the damage, but even if he drops his shield, you will still win since you got the first shot off. If he doesn't start moving but still has his shield dropped, then it will still be possible to circle him. If he does start moving, then try to zig-zag in place, this can cause him to miss a couple of shots.

When running away from DB Rhinos, you have to run before they get within 290m, otherwise, you won't escape, get behind cover as soon as possible. Try to deal with DB Griffins at 300m+, but run if they get within 290m. If the Griffin decides to jump, then run towards it. 

The PDB Rhino is a flanking and defensive bot, not an all-out assault and ambush bot like the DB Rhino.

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