…The most durable robot in its class. Perfect for close combat… – in-game description


The Boa is a Medium Robot with 1 × Heavy and 1 × Medium hardpoint.

The speed of the Boa gives it a slight advantage on the battlefield. At level 9 it reaches its maximum speed of 42 km/h so it can quickly close in or sneak up on heavy enemies. At the highest leagues of the game, the Boa is often seen equipped with a maxed Thunder and Orkan in order to do catastrophic damage in a short amount of time. In the lower leagues, it is more common to see a Boa equipped with a Taran instead of an Orkan.

The Boa’s health rivals that of heavy robots, and it has the highest health out of all of the medium robots. Because of this, it can last an extremely long time compared to other robots. With a Thunder and an Orkan, it can create enormous amounts of damage when up close, and it can easily close the gap between opponents, making this robot and weapon set popular.

Although the Boa does have only 2 × hardpoints, many pilots (experienced and inexperienced) believe that this flaw is overshadowed by all of its advantages.

What Do You Think Is The Best Armament For The Boa?

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Update History


HP increased by 10%

The Boa sustains fewer critical hits, which makes weapons harder to destroy.
Armor increased: 62,000 → 74,000
Armor increased: 54,000 → 62,000


  • With a max health of 204,000, the Boa is third only to the Leo and Raijin in health.
  • Boa's head and thigh strongly resemble German self-propelled howitzer Panzerhaubitze 2000's turret and hull.
  • Due to its rectangular shape, the Boa is commonly referred to as the “walking toaster” when all of its weapons are blown off.
  • Before British bots and WP bots were added to the game, this bot was often considered one of the best knife fighters in the game.
  • Adrian Chong has included it in his “Top 5 Robots You Should Buy” Mini-series on YouTube.

Boa Upgrades

LevelCost AgHealthSpeedTime
1 500,000 103,000 32
2 40,000110,00033 20 minutes
370,000117,0003410 hours
4140,000124,0003614 hours
5300,000132,0003720 hours
6500,000140,000381 day 4 hours
7900,000149,000391 day 6 hours
82,000,000159,000411 day 7 hours
93,000,000169,000421 day 11 hours
106,000,000180,000421 day 18 hours
1112,000,000192,000422 days 2 hours
1223,000,000204,000422 days 13 hours
Total48,450,000204,0004213 days 9 hours 20 minutes

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