• Defender7881

    Story of War Robots

    March 16, 2018 by Defender7881

    This a story created by me from WR updates. A sequel like this would be needed :)

    It is said that WR started a long time ago. It started in 2145, when the Transatlantic military decided to try and make a robot. They created the first ever robot: the Drestrier. They then created weapons for it. They made the AT Spiral and the AC Molot. People started calling it the Molot/Spiral Drestrier and the name stuck.

    The Russian Empire wanted to make a better robot. They produced the Cossack, has a design based on a Hind design. Unlike Drestrier, it had 1 medium slot a bigger weapon: a so called Molot-T, which was 2 Molots stacked together. It also had a jump-drive.

    Germany heard about this and made a robot called Schutze. It was fast and had a Kwk 448m…

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  • 22hessler


    March 13, 2018 by 22hessler

    hi my name is ethan im 13 i love what the wiki has helped me learn (about war robots) i first came to the game because of an ad now im in about mid game and i have had the game for 3 years lost progress twice now i won't anymore i have a set-up of rajin lvl 8 dual trebutchet lvl 6 & 7' 'natasha lvl 6 dual thunder lvl 8 dual pin lvl 5 griffin dual molot & molot t lvl 4.' thats all for now thanks for listening.

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  • Brown90733

    Silver earnings low

    February 12, 2018 by Brown90733

    I have recently experienced low silver earnings. Damage of appx $500K will result in earnings less than $3K. I finish games I start with the exception of team death matches. I will often leave those games prior to starting as I prefer beacon matches. If I do have to happen to start one I will finish it. Is this what has caused me to loose silver earnings?

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    • as Trebuchet charges, the range should increase, not damage. so, the range would be 250-1100. this is so it can brawl as well. maybe not, it could be too powerful.
    • Korean bots can not fire while dashing, one dash, and they are staggered for 0.75 seconds after dash. maybe too harsh of a nerf
    • you can see ECU health, and other shields health
    • you can see teammate's health
    • descend ability grants 2 seconds of stealth instead of 5
    • Shocktrain requires 4 seconds of lock-on, and it restarts every salvo
    • 30% extra damage when Fuijin is in sentry mode.
    • Japanese bots (Fuijin and Raijin) can sometimes lock-on Stalker and Inquisitor when using their ability
    • after not taking damage for 6 seconds, you can slowly regenerate health
    • upcoming Dragoon will have a 5 secon…
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  • Wiki Commentator

    Name: Suppressor

    Bot type: Special/Support

    Ability: Creates a smokescreen that lasts for 30 seconds, preventing enemy lock on and visibility from ranges exceeding 350m (until the smoke disappears). Allies within 5m of Suppressor cannot be locked onto for 5 seconds.

    Ability icon: Gas canister/Smoke cloud

    Ability cooldown: ?

    Health: ?

    Speed: 40 Kph

    Weapon hardpoints: 2 Light, 1 Medium.

    Paint job: Black with streaks of white.

    What do you guys think? Pass this onto Pixonic if you can, it would be very helpful.

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  • 39RIYY

    Ideas for Pixonic

    January 8, 2018 by 39RIYY


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  • JustAnotherNickname

    Why I am leaving the game. Not intended to be a rant. Not about "paytowin".

    Let's get things straight.

    The game is NOT dying. Believe me, only WR Wiki forum is. Old-school guys are leaving, but there are many more new players coming into the game, younger ones. Young kids find "forums" too complex to use and stupid to navigate, so they use Discord\Line\Facebook\GooglePlus to communicate. It is NOT expensive to play - if you keep looking at Pixonic FB page, MechSpectrum blog and in-game news (envelope icon) you will get plenty of opportunities to get all the latest and best stuff. It is NOT hard to play (more on that later). You can get into champs if you strive for ~6-9 months, and even faster if you use gold\real money to speed up upgrades …

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  • Shadø

    Our lord Schutze

    December 23, 2017 by Shadø

    What if I put an ember on a schutze?

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  • Tribound

    My Hangars

    December 21, 2017 by Tribound

    Welcome to a transcribed rundown of my hangars.

    iOS -

    - Lvl 6 Griffin (Lvl 5 RDB Setup) or Lvl 6 Koi Leo (Lvl 4 Ancile. 2x Lvl 4 Magnum, Lvl 5 Gekko)

    - Lvl 6 Griffin (Lvl 4 PDB Setup)

    - Lvl 6 Griffin (Lvl 5 DB Setup)

    - Lvl 4 Carnage (2x Lvl 5 Thunder)

    Android -

    - Lvl 3 Galahad (Plasma Gala)

    - Lvl 5 Doc (2x Lvl 5 Tulumbas, 2x Lvl 5 Orkan)

    - Lvl 6 Griffin (Lvl 5 RDB Setup)

    - Lvl 3 Rogatka (2x Lvl 5 Tulumbas)

    Gameroom - Just starting on this platform.

    - Lvl 2 Destrier (2x Lvl 1 Punisher) -> The BEST setup for any robot until Level 9 and you actually see Leos, Griffins, and others.

    - Lvl 1 Cossack (Lvl 2 Punisher T) -> Used until Level 9, it is a great beacon capper and (for Levels 1-8) a great brawler.

    - Lvl 1 Golem (Lvl 3 Nashorn, Lvl 1 Molot T, Lvl 1 Mol…

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  • Juggernaut2019


    Ah, War Robots. A once free-to-play, skill based game with great aesthetics and balanced gameplay. Even the more powerful bots and weapons were not difficult to acquire, and required skill to use.

    Fast-forwards to late summer 2017, however, and things have gone disturbingly wrong. The once-noble company Pixonic has entirely changed their marketing techniques, and is earning wads of cash by manipulating loyal players and only promoting the most expensive and powerful new robots and weapons.

    How and why did this become reality? What happened? How can we, the community that Pixonic now pays so little attention to, make change happen?

    New Ideas (WIP)

    Since it seems that the Dash bots and new Weapons are not going anywhere soon, and are…

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  • Claudius19

    Ive been hearing about this battle of titans

    Based on what ive seen its been promising. But when i scrolled down to there website i notice something.........

    BoT is pay to win.and there using bitcoins, Well i know its not a big deal to some, but i’d like to hear your opnions on it.

    Website. Bitcoins stuff is in the bottom.

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  • Zeathsteed

    Conspiracy theorists

    December 9, 2017 by Zeathsteed


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  • Alias3002

    This will be an ongoing thing so I plan to add more and revise.

    What you should know about the Stalker:

    • Has a saboteur role in gameplay.
    • Main purpose is harassing enemies and beacon capture
    • The stealh DOES have a 1 second activation delay
    • Stealth does not mean invincibility
    • Good at capturing beacons and not dying for at least 7 seconds while in the process
    • Killing is only done through guerilla warfare.
    • Has good survivalability compared to most light bots

    Setups for the Stalker

  • Use your teammates as cover for your attacks to keep the attention off from you so stealth isn't necessary all the time.
          • asterisks are being added here now! started with one, plus one every time. why? I DUNNO XD Have situational awareness and know your surroundings. Know where…

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  • Weaponizer

    Leaving WR

    November 3, 2017 by Weaponizer

    Battle of Titans is coming! We’ll be getting it near December on iOS. Face it, WR is P2W now. Friggin’ Dash Bots with Orkans are relatively common for me now. I’m in Silver 2 FYI. As of now, I’ll still play this game however when Battle of Titans is out I’m most likely switching. The graphics in Alpha already rival the graphics War Robots has right now. Pixonic was not greedy before, what happened to them?

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  • TheD3villl

    Beasts of the east

    October 31, 2017 by TheD3villl

    How do i counter them? With a cheap weapon (Au). They're too fast so i usually waste my piñata spraying all over the place in hope i hit them (which i usually dont). I need help because i seem to encounter them a lot, even when I'm in silver. How?

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  • AlbinoRhino2

    Stalker Guide

    October 23, 2017 by AlbinoRhino2

    This will be an ongoing thing so I plan to add more and revise. From the way it looks now, I might not finish this but that's ok. I might finish

    What you should know about the Stalker

    • Has a saboteur role in gameplay.
    • Main purpose is harassing enemies and beacon capture
    • The stealh DOES have a 1 second activation delay
    • Stealth does not mean invincibility
    • Good at capturing beacons and not dying for at least 7 seconds while in the process
    • Killing is done through guerilla warfare.
    • Has good survivalability compared to most light bots

    • Magnums - This is the classic or "recommended" weapon in the description and is the most common setup. Its a fairly decent setup but I don't believe its the best. The turning speed improvement of robots has made it not as ef…

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  • Highly distorted image of something

    There are many, many problems with this game that i have encountered and they are really starting to annoy me. Some of these include overbuffed weapons, overbuffed robots, terrible bugs and glitches as well. So we will start off with the biggest problem, the weapons

    There are several weapons in this game that are completely unbalanced. These weapons do way too much damage and are way too effective to be considered 'fine' or 'normal'

    1. Taran - The obvious 1st place. Two of these can kill a griffin of the same level in 1 salvo. It outranges orkans, pinatas and even thunders (effective range). Not only that, but they also ignore ancile shields, which makes the recently buffed carnage, completely useless, as well as the buff-needing fujin and a…

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  • Just An Average Robot

    This is first blog. Why do I keep getting the map Shenzhen, man o man do I hate ancilots, so annoying...

    Bullet hose griffins are the best, mine can destroy carnages and lancelots but I draw the line when it comes to Galahads.

    66 stalker speed. WHAAAAT?! That's sooooooooo fast. I could run halfway across Shenzhen in less than 5 seconds! Lvl 9+ stalker are the best. You don't even need to jump, dash or heck, even stealth, to dodge an aphid. Just run. But problems start to arise when I encounter spiral pattons or spydra griffins. Crap.

    How do I change my name's colour? Guard/Alias are pink JAN/ITGWTSTSIWS are yellow (ImTheGuyWithTheShirtThatSaysImWithStupid)

    I have no messages on my wall asides from the welcome message. I also feel useless and I fee…

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  • SilverShimmer

    I intent to have a slot for a beacon running robot (normal and beacon mode) and was thinking to get a stalker. It's a light and fast robot, meh damage, cost wp, and basically invincibility for some time. But before I buy I wanted opinions cause frankly I don't know meta. Suggestions would be great, so would builds

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  • Highly distorted image of something

    1. Don't leave any beacon unattended - In the chaos this gamemode causes around beacons, it becomes easier for light bots to sneak around and capture enemy beacons under your nose.

    2. Be careful when approaching enemy beacons - In beacon rush mode, enemies can spawn on their beacons. This one might be obvious, but sometimes, even i forget this rule and rush in to capture enemy beacons. You never know when someone might spawn on it and it is never 100% safe unless it turns white

    3. Always attempt to defend beacons - If your bot is destroyed, you get the option to deploy your next bot on either your home base or a friendly beacon. If you see an enemy on a near a beacon, spawn on it and destroy it. This way, you will save your beacon and keep y…

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  • AlbinoRhino2

    War Robots is at best an average game. Sometimes it fun but many times its not fun because of the incompetence of my teammates.

    The main problem with War Robots is that its weapon selection and maps offer mid range and long-range weapons a better edge than close-range weapons which leads to defensive play. At least half of the maps, longer range weapons perform better than close-range weapons. When people get tired of dying without having a chance to hit people then they get these weapons themselves and it keeps spreading more and more. People begin to develop a perference for longer range weapons not because sniping is their thing necessary but because they like the idea of dealing damage without having to take damage themselves.

    Players in…

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  • Darkangel12S

    Hard Evidence

    August 10, 2017 by Darkangel12S
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  • TheLegendary175


    June 15, 2017 by TheLegendary175

    I saw on the wwr news that in July they are adding a new medium weapon called a scourge. When I get onto the Test Server, I will try them out. I know that they are plasma weapons, and they shoot out lightning, sort of like a Zeus.

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  • Flamiedark

    Dearest Pixonic,

    JAN, a rather influential individual, has spread much 'awareness' in the wiki about the Gepard's flaws and people have begun to boycott sales of the now-obsolete Gepard models. It may appear that the issue regarding the Gepard models has succeeded in becoming global.

    It is extremely urgent that even the Destrier complaints PALE in comparison to the negativity that this model is receiving.

    The mass majority of consumers request your company to bring the once-wondrous Gepard back into the limelight by making it worth its price...instead of everyone paying 1200 Au for the obsolete scrap of metal in the higher tiers.

    And as what JAN once said, "1200 Gold is much better spent for Orkans."

    Cordially yours,



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  • Flamiedark

    So it was around a week before the BIG EVENT that I decided...

    That I was going to resign from War Robots...temporarily. Just a few weeks was going to be enough. Gold stocks and WP stocks are optimal.

    And then...I receive a notification one day. Well...just the OTHER DAY ACTUALLY.

    "Don't miss out on the last hour of the 'War Robots Birthday' event!"

    I was like...'da fuq? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!'


    And then I said to myself. Don't worry, the game is still the same.

    I was so f***ing wrong. Lancies left and right armed with Tarans and Tridents. Anarchy Rogs everywhere, the even in gol…

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  • Flamiedark

    Disclaimer: Do hope no one sends a flame war on this way, I admit I'm a horrible player by a lot of standards, but I'm not brain dead enough to ignore a beacon that sits 100m or less away from the spawn point, nor charge into a Knife-fest with a Sniper Nat.

    Also, I'm QUITE sure you've encountered these types of players. Finally, if you happen to be one of these people or similar to, please don't take it personally and try to improve your performance the next time around.

    Begin Ranting:

    Okay, so recently I managed to climb to Mid Gold tier. What I found there was nothing short of a disappointment in the matchmaking.

    I see that some (not really, around 70-80% of the time) players are understandably OP with their robots like a Rhino or even a TT …

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  • Galleigo

    rhino tips

    April 16, 2017 by Galleigo

    Use your shield offensively, not defensively   These are when you should shield...   Approaching snipers   Traveling between kills   Reloading Orkans   On Tarans and thunders until they run out of juice   Other times put shield down   If you see more than 2 enemies, don't fight them   Unless you are a plasma rhino; if you have at least 2 Tarans sure, go ahead.   Use your weapons at max range unless they are punishers, but punishers suck.   Ideally squad with a teammate who has a carnage as the shield can block Trident fire   You can also push around a sentry Fujin it works   Do not run into enemy territory if your side will be exposed, you will definitely be trebuchet-ed.   Do not bother charging into pin/Tulumbas/trident robots unless you…

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  • BattleBoyX

    Robots I Run

    Thunder Carnage

    Taran Pin Magnum Tulumbas Griffin (Working on PDB)

    RDB Rhino

    Thunder Raijin

    2 Tulumbas/Punisher T Fujin

    Pinata/ECU Patton

    Spirals/1 Aphid Patton (Testing)

    Thunder Schutze

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  • Darkangel12S

    Gold League 2 Idling

    Gold League 2 playing

    Gold League 3 Idling

    Gold League 3 playing

    Silver 1-3 idling

    Silver 1-2 flaking

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  • WarFare Machine a.k.a Genesis

    Check My Profile Page To See Which Robots I Am Running/ Testing.

    I Have I Think 7 Orkans, 3 At Lvl 6, 2 At Lvl 7, 1 At Lvl 8 And The Last One At Lvl 9.

    I Have 3 Magnums, 1 At Lvl 4, 1 At Lvl 6 And Another At 7.

    I Have 2 Zeus, 1 At 8 And 1 At 7.

    I Have 3 Tridents, All At Lvl 7.

    I Have 4  Tarans, 1 At 8, 1 At 7, 2 At 6.

    I Have 8 Aphids, 3 At 7, 1 At 5, 4 At 6.

    Robots I Have...

    Practically Every Robots Except The Wild Bunch ( Jesse, Doc, Butch ) , Galahad , Lancelot.

    Let Me Know What Setup Should I Try Thx :P

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  • Galleigo

    Leagues removed capping

    March 17, 2017 by Galleigo

    Leagues just utterly destroyed beacon capping...





























































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  • 77coolguy

    100 Edits

    March 12, 2017 by 77coolguy


    Well, what a milestone. Can't wait for 200 edits.

    I have a question for everyone...

    How did it feel like when you reached an edit milestone?

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  • Galleigo

    General Weapon Classes

    March 4, 2017 by Galleigo

    Here, I have classified different types of weapons in War Robots from different ranges and distinguished them by their charecteristics.

    Weapons whose names are in italics are not available on the live server however may have once been available on the test server.

    Class shorthands: Example LR2 (Long-Range class 2)

    Other short forms used: LHP (Light hardpoint), MHP (Medium hardpoint), HHP (Heavy hardpoint).


    • Punisher (LHP)
    • Punisher Mk2 (MHP)
    • Thunder (HHP)

    These weapons are firearms. They are heavily affected by spreadfire and have ranges of 500m (however their effective ranges are much lower).

    These weapons work brilliantly at taking down Ancile shielding from far ranges as they can still deal full damage to the huge Ancile bubble from afar.…

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  • Galleigo

    Some random war robots story

    February 27, 2017 by Galleigo

    The speaker crackled. "Five." A voice said.

    At least it would only last a short while, thought to himself.




    "Any second now..." He thought.


    He felt the familiar jerk as the craft landed abruptly. Shortly after that, his crew of six began removing their belts.

    A warehouse had been found in the region. They were planning to loot it. Unfortunately, as it had turned out, another group was staying here and protecting it. Not much longer.

    They all had huge robots, giant armed steel shells. Looked perfectly fine with unscratched paint on the outside. The inside was rusty and smelled slightly sweaty. Not like that would be happening today; this region, known as Yamantau, was freezing cold. If only the heaters actually w…

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  • Galleigo

    My own unusual setups

    February 24, 2017 by Galleigo

    We've heard of many great common setups. Orkans and pinatas. Thunders and orkans. Zeus and gekko. All really easy to think about.. but there's some bots many consider unsuitable for such setups. Here are various unusual setups that seem really unsuitable for their bots, but once I explain it it'll all make sense.

    Cossack - 1 SMS Hydra.

    Seems pretty lame, considering the hydra's pathetic firepower, but it actually works sometimes. Because of the range of the hydra combined with the Cossack's impressive mobility, you can take advantage of cover and take nearly no damage.

    Gareth - 1 CRV Pin, 1 S-25 Tulumbas.

    Wait - I though Gareth was a knifefighter?

    Wrong again. I actually use this one actively. Generally you just have to stay at about 400m and p…

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  • Phoenixninja23

    please read this

    February 16, 2017 by Phoenixninja23

    please click and do what the title says

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  • Galleigo

    A typical battle

    February 14, 2017 by Galleigo

    How do all my battles go?

    It's simple.

    First: Send out stalker, capture two beacons. Kamikaze the centre beacon and get killed.

    Second: Send out Rogatka. Rogatka dominates three minutes of the match, dishing out damage to robots already hurt by the stalker. Usually becomes a popular target leading to death by sniping.

    Third: Griffin. Destroy everything in sight. Robots crippled by Rogatka are instantly killed. Griffin survives unless the enemy team is winning.

    Fourth: Fūjin. Walk right into an artillery Natasha and set up sentry, then kill them. Recapture a few beacons if possible.

    Win/Lose rough guide:

    Did you die on Rogatka? Yes: if lasted over two minutes, probably win. If not, lose. No: win. Did you die on Griffin? Yes: bad sign. No: win. Did…

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  • Phoenixninja23

    I am level 21, with about 50 gold.  I have 3 hangar slots, and am saving up gold for either a fourth slot, a gekko, an orkan, or a rogatka  (what should i buy first???)

    .. xdfvhbjn a gerpard

    i have about 100 WP 


    gi patton (level 4): 3x pinata (level 5), 1x pin (level 5) using 

    schutze (level 4): thunder (level 5)  (death ostrich) using

    destrier (level 4): 2x pin (level 5) 

    destrier (level 4): ??

    griffin (level 6): 2x magnum (level 3, level 2), 1x ac molot (level 2), 1x taran (level 4)  using

    cossack (level 4):  1x molot mk. 2 (level 4)

    gi patton (level 3): 2x ac molot (level 4), 2x gau punisher (level 4)

    cossack (level 4): gau punisher mk. 2 (level 4)

    Schutze (level 4): nashorn (level 4) aka KwK 448mm 

    unequipped weapons: 2x tulumbas (level …

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  • Galleigo

    A pilot's experience

    February 6, 2017 by Galleigo

    I have gotten back to being a pilot after a few months... wow. I have the following robots:

    Stalker (2 SURA-F Pinata)

    Rogatka (2 E-SG Taran)

    Fujin (3 AC Molot)

    Griffin (2 E-SG Taran, 2 EP Magnum)

    As you can see, quite a deadly bunch. I guess it's time for my first battle.

    I started off with my Stalker, as usual, capturing the nearest beacon and then the next nearest. While running for the "middle" beacon, a Leo with a dangerous setup (3x Magnum, 1x Thunder) and a Boa (1x Taran, 1x Thunder) attacked me, killing my teammate. I survived with

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  • Galleigo

    My tips for WR

    February 4, 2017 by Galleigo


    Thank you.

    Here is a compilation of random advice for WR.

    For a good hangar: you should have a few types of bots:

    This bot should be a light robot such as the Cossack or the Stalker. He doesn't need to survive long, all this guy needs to do is to grab 2 beacons or so.

    This bot/bots should be armed with the following weapons:

    • Pinata
    • Orkan
    • Magnum
    • Taran
    • Thunder

    These are "close range" weapons. They have short ranges. Scroll down later for how to use these.

    The Knife Fighter should be either a medium bot or a heavy bot with an ability that grants it enhanced speed (such as Griffin.).

    This bot has the mid-ranged weapons, in the next secti…

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  • Tepiggo

    hi again, hopefully u all havent forgotten me lol. but i was thnking about getting back into the game a little, is there a good ios/andriod emulator to run this game on? as my ipad is prettymuch a saftey hazard at this point and m not particulariy set on getting another for the time being till i graduate from highschool. i do have a decent laptop though, (as in it can run league of legends well, assuming there isnt any issues with connectivity) any good free emulators out there that work well with this game?


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  • The Turret of

    Who has known about these medals? I know some people have seen them, but there may have bèn some who didn't. If this is already posted in a page somewhere, I will remove this post.

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  • Erockbitch

    Wiki clan

    December 29, 2016 by Erockbitch

    Can I plz join this clan I am very active and loyal I want to be part of a good clan

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  • Maxyman123

    Halloween Pumpkins

    November 6, 2016 by Maxyman123

    I am quite disappointed with this seasonal event. I saw that I had a chance to win good weapons and robots, so I played hard out for several days (not continuously of course) and earned enough pumpkins to make a decent go of the box-thingy. Guess how many boxes I opened? 54! Guess what I got out of it? NOTHING except for small amounts of gold and silver, and finally today, on my second to last box, I got a single EE-Aphid.

    I looked at the prize list while spinning, and saw that roughly about 40% of the prizes were gold bots or gold weapons. Based on that logic, assuming it was unbiased, I should have gotten 21 good prizes, more or less. But only one decent prize out of 54? Either I am EXTREMELY unlucky, or this system is rigged. 

    On the plus sid…

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  • NixPilot

    Shameless bragging!

    October 12, 2016 by NixPilot

    No, not really meaning to brag, and I know there are far better pilots out there - but reaching a 600k average damage is a milestone I've been trying to reach for a long time, so here goes anyway

    Random thoughts on reaching this:

    • Plasma Galahad. It's just incredible how well this robot works.
    • Lancelot. A new addition to my hangar - still just level 7, but he gives a new dimension to mid/late-match gameplay that I didn't have before. Not sure he's *better* than the Rhino he replaced, but he's certainly different.
    • Luck and good matches. Win rate and average damage fluctuate soooo much depending on matchmaking (two weeks ago I floored at 450k, so..). Too weak opposition = quick wins = low damage. Tbh, I think that my damage is actually higher in…

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  • Trigorman

    I want to buy a bluetooth controller for my Android smartphones.

    Which one do you use for War Robots?

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  • Skynet69


    September 28, 2016 by Skynet69

    So this is my first blog post or whatever its called, and im sorry if im doing this wrong lol, but I'm looking for a clan.

    My hangar (all level 8 bots) consists of 

    a death button rhino. lvl 8 pinatas and lvl 7 orkans

    a carnage with double lvl 8 thunders

    a triple lvl 8 taran fujin

    and a plasma griffin, the mags are lv 8 and the tarans are lvl 7

    I'm a fairly active player and i'm up for squad battle whenever i can

    I'll see if i can upload a screenshot of my hangar later because i'm on my laptop right now

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  • Col. Blackjack

    Hello and greetings,

    So.... here we are.

    I want to dedicate this page to my life and times as a WWR pilot.

    I wish this to be the working embodiment of the time I spend playing this game, I will be posting screenshots and messages frequently and as positively as my time permits.

    I will also be willing to help others as I can and if I am stumped or there is a situation which I feel I can not answer I believe I can find someone who can help you.

    So to start, my starting hanger....

    I have one (1) destroyer, the only changes I have made is to drop the 1 (molot) and purchase a second (AT Spiral), cost 20,000 (Au)

    I have also upgraded both AT Sprials to level 2 at a cost of 20,000 silver (Au) 2x10,000 Au.

    Silver is represented as (Au)

    Gold is represented …

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  • Pilot Drauku


    August 31, 2016 by Pilot Drauku

    Ok, I'm sure there are a hundred out there already, as skewed as these matches sometimes are, but I just had one of the most disparate matchups so far, and we almost won.  I was highest level at 23, had a 21, 20, 15,15,14 on my team, on the other 3x20's, 30, 23, 21.  I'm glad their play style sucked or we would have been smoked.  I'm not used to or set up for being the big bad on my side, I typically run around the sidelines capping beacons, though I will go toe to toe to keep one, or deny it as long as possible to the enemy.  A couple of level difference I get, and can compensate for to a point, but three teens on my side, and their top was 7 levels higher than ours, we held more beacons longer, and were a hairs breadth from winning when …

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  • ElizabethB

    Our clan, Swarm of Knaves, has been using the app, Discord , for voice and text chats. It is AWESOME!

    Discord is a free app available for download on your desktop or mobile device. 

    One of our senior clan members and resident Discord expert, Yahtzee, suggested using Discord to better communicate and coordinate with the rest of the clan. Because it is super helpful during battles, the app has been well received by the clan. We are trying to make participation in Discord mandatory, but it takes some time getting everyone set-up.

    Yahtzee, who set up Discord for the clan, is the administrator and moderator of all things Discord. Woo-hoo Yahtzee (every clan should be so lucky to have such an outstanding team member)!

    It's brilliant because you can hav…

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