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Welcome to the Beginners' Guide!


Destrier with dual Punishers, a very popular starter Robot

For the purpose of these guides we have classified beginner as the portion of the game up to Player Level 20.

We have put together a list of the most popular information requested by new players of War Robots! This information is provided by experienced players who have taken the time to test various combinations of Robots and Weapons. However, these are only recommendations and you should experiment yourself to find out what works for you and your style of play.

The guides are generally written with the assumption that the player will be leveling up naturally and will be earning Gold as they go. Of course you can always buy Gold or pay for Premium using in game purchases to get a head start and avoid some of the early grinding.

Quickstart Guides

Confused about which Robots and Weapons to purchase? Should you spend precious Gold on that extra hangar slot or a fancy new Weapon or Robot? Or perhaps you just want to know what those Beacons are all about? Then these are the pages that will answer your questions and get you up and running quickly.

Earning & Spending Guides

Main article: Money

Silver, Gold and Experience points are all earned by playing matches. You receive Silver and Experience at the end of every match, but if your team win the match then you also have the opportunity to win Gold.

Upgrading Guide

Upgraded one of your Robots and now you find your matches full of super powerful Robots and fancy Lasers? Getting killed early every single match? Don't know what a League is?? Then you will find this page essential reading for getting your hangar back on track.

War Robots meta

Knife fighting, Tarancilot, Camping? Every game has its share of acronyms, abbreviations, slang terms, and meta. The glossary lists the most common terms that show up on this Wiki and in the user Forums. The clan page has a listing of the currently known major clans.

Strategy Guides

This is under construction