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Battle Rewards is a reward system for players, rewarding them with Honor Points depending on how well they performed in battles, as its name suggests.


There are several different types of chests, with different chests for each league (such as the 'Silver Chest'). The higher the chest (an example is that a Gold Chest is better than a Silver Chest), the more rewards it contains. The chests contain silver and components, which change regularly. However, players need more honor points to open the better chests than the amount required to obtain the previous one, with the amount of honor points required increasing the better the chest. Players also have to be in the same league or higher than the names of the chests that they can open (e.g to open a Gold Chest one needs to be in at least Gold League).

Honor points also add up, meaning that once you gain honor points you cannot lose or spend them until you have opened all possible chests. Once a player has opened all the possible chests (assuming they are in Champion League), then their amount of honor points returns to zero and they will have to unlock all the possible chests all over again. This is to encourage players to play more and make upgrading gear a little easier, combining with Supply Lines .

Honor Points

  • 2 points for every game completed
  • 1 point for winning
  • 1 point if you played in a squad
  • 1 point if your damage was in the top 3 for your team.
  • 0-3 points for beacons captured (Domination and Beacon Rush).
  • 0-3 points for beacon points (King of The Hill).
  • 0-3 points for robots destroyed (Team Deathmatch).


Put a table here. include league, honor points, silver, and tokens.

Update History

Version Changes
4.1 Rewards now consist of a mix of Shredder, Pulsar, Hover, and Shocktrain components (The Shocktrain components are available only in the Champions League chest)
4.0 Rewards now consist of a mix of Avenger, Chimera, Mender, and Weyland components (The Weyland components are available only in the Champions League chest)
3.9.0 Rewards now consist of a mix of Spark, Exodus, Falcon, and Bulwark components,  also twice the amount of silver (The Bulwark components are available only in the Champions League chest)
3.8.0 Rewards now consist of a mix of Ballista, Flux, and Raven components, as well as Tokens
3.7.0 Added to the game. 
Rewards contained Tempest components