…Low weapon range is compensated by high damage. Missiles can easily fly over low obstacles but are ineffective against fast-moving robots… – in-game description

Aphid (Light Homing Missile)

Aphid is a Homing Missile weapon.

It should be noted that the Aphids (as well as the Hydra and the Spiral, too) does NOT have splash damage effect.

It is a versatile close-range weapon. Like the Spiral, the Aphid requires time to lock onto its target. However, once fired, the missiles will automatically home in on their targets, generally guaranteeing a hit. Because the missiles are fired into a ring following an arcing trajectory, they are able to hit a target that is hiding behind cover. On average, about 4-5 of the 8 missiles fired will hit the target.

The Aphid begins to lock on opponents at 600m, although it can only be fired from 350m. This is most likely because the Spiral, Hydra, and Zeus also lock on at 600m. When locked onto an opponent, one can aim between the 2 green brackets that appear to the left and right to curve the missiles in the aimed direction. However, the missiles do not curve as much as the ones on the Spiral.

Once fired, Aphid missiles follow a predictable trajectory. Fast, agile robots (e.g. Gepard) and jumping robots (e.g. Cossack) in particular can time their movement or jumps to minimize the damage done by an Aphid salvo. 

Aphids are some of the deadliest close-range knife fighting weapons due to their ability to clear cover. In addition, with a relatively fast reload time of 10 seconds, a robot can fire salvos over and over again, gradually weakening the target.

Due to the low-flying trajectory of the Aphid missiles, it should generally be used in open ground, where the enemy cannot hide.

The missiles fired by the Aphids, unlike those of the Spiral, are not guaranteed hits. Often some of the missiles will hit the ground next to the robot if it is moving. Jumping robots can easily negate large amounts of damage if jumping, and sometimes they can even dodge an entire salvo. Also, fast-moving robot, like the Gareth, the Stalker, or the Jesse have good chances to dodge an entire salvo, by outrunning it or just changing directions. Aphids will most likely miss fast moving light robots but they have a large chance to all hit if the enemy remains still.

The Aphids do well in groups, as 3 or even 4 of them can do heavy amounts of damage to opponents. The Gepard and the GL. Patton are the most common robots to see Aphid groups on, the former of which can quickly get in and out of cover to fire the missiles while taking as little damage as possible, and while the latter is slower, the damage it delivers is absolutely brutal. A single salvo is sometimes enough to temporarily destroy a Carnage's Ancile shield. WildBunch light quickdraw robot - Jesse is great for Aphid, with top speed higher than the Gepard, low, sleek profile and 4 Light hardpoints. It has also been seen on the Griffin due to the location of the light hardpoints, getting the name "Stuka" Griffin.

Another bot theoretically good for Aphid is the Leo; but due to a bug it is not advised to mount Aphids on top light hardpoint on the Leo; some of the missiles explode instantly on launch. Possibly due to close location of heavy hardpoint armament.

Example of this bug can be seen on video here: 

Aphid-Leo Bug00:26

Aphid-Leo Bug

This bug seems to be fixed in v2.9, but it is not yet confirmed.

Update History

  1. The EE Aphid was originally a silver weapon and cost 250,000 silver rather than the current 750 gold.
  2. Since update 2.2.0, the missiles travel in a tighter spiral, greatly improving their accuracy.
  3. In update 2.5, the prefix of Aphid was removed, changing from "EE Aphid" to "Aphid", and the accuracy was slightly decreased.
  4. Post 2.9.1 update increased damage of the Aphid at about +5%


  • There is a Russian short-range lightweight infrared homing air-to-air missile weapon with the same name, the AA-8 'Aphid'; however it is not certain that these weapons are related.
  • Aphid is related to Spiral, both being light hardpoint weapons with the similar mechanics (like Pin is related to Pinata, or Molot to Punisher).
  • Aphid is the name for an insect that eats your plants and are prey for some ants and ladybirds.

Upgrade details

Level Damage Cost Time Burst DPS Cycle Damage Cycle DPS
5 1230 750 Au 9840 9840 895
6 1350 (+10%) 750k Ag 10h 10800 10800 982
7 1480 (+10%) 1.6m 20h 11840 11840 1076
8 1630 (+10%) 2.6m 1d 4h 13040 13040 1185
9 1790 (+10%) 4.1m 1d 8h 14320 14320 1302
10 1970 (+10%) 6.1m 1d 13h 15760 15760 1433
11 2170 (+10%) 9m 2d 2h 17360 17360 1578
12 2380 (+10%) 14m 2d 20h 19040 19040 1731

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