Activity points earned, shown on the after battle information screen.

Activity points are earned by causing damage in battle. One activity point is earned for each 100,000 points of damage, but they are calculated by rounding to the nearest 100,000 damage. Eg.

  • 50,000 to 149,999 = 1 Activity Point
  • 150,000 to 249,999 = 2 Activity Points
  • 250,000 to 349,999 = 3 Activity Points etc

Only activity points earned in the last ten days are shown on your profile in the clan rankings. Your activity point count is updated not in real-time, so you may not see your total updated after every match. If your playing activity drops, then your total activity point count will drop. If you have not played for ten days, then it will show your activity count as zero.


Squad, Missions and Clan buttons.

On the player rankings, only activity points from winning battles count, losing battles have no effect at all, but this is not the case for Clan Rankings. For Clan Rankings, activity points from both winning and losing battles count, so it is safe to say that the clan rankings are not an accurate measure of total clan skill, but only of time spent in battles.

Player rankings are updated after every battle while Clan Rankings are updated weekly. If you leave a clan, points gained while you were a member will not be subtracted from the clan’s activity count for the past ten day.

Viewing your 10 Day Activity Points total

To see you current 10 day Activity Points total:

  • on the After Battle screen, go to the Team section
  • click on the small i beside your name
  • the next screen will show your 10 day activity


  • Activity points are also known as trophies.
  • Your activity points are indicated by a trophy symbol.
  • Many clans evaluate you for membership based on the number of trophies you have, eg. "Minimum 400 trophies to be considered for clan membership."
  • Trophies are based on your activity for the last 10 days.  So if you were really active for a while and have 1000 trophies, but then don't play for two weeks, your trophies will have gone to zero.
  • Activity points have no other in-game purpose/use.