…Shield should be turned towards the attacking unit to take effect. Has its own durability and can be destroyed. Does not protect against area damage of weapons… – in-game description

Écu (Light or Medium Arm Shield)

The Écu shield is one of two shield armaments in the game (the other being the Ancile). It will block damage from guns and energy weapons, as well as homing missiles (though it is harder due to the angle of the projectiles), but not from unguided rocket fire – these cause splash damage which damages BOTH robot and the shield. 

To block damage pilot must rotate their robot's torso so that the shield faces towards the incoming fire. Even then, this is no guarantee of blocking all damage. 

The Écu is unique in the game since it may be mounted on both light or medium hardpoints. However, it may only be mounted on ‘arm’ hardpoints and not other points.

The shield can be used to protect yourself while reloading.

After the shield's hit points are depleted, it will be destroyed and break off like a destroyed weapon.

Shield is ONE-SIDED, i.e. it fits only the side (left\right) you bough it to. It will fit any robot, however, if you use correct side.

Until confirmation from developers (see atÉcu)

WarRobots ECU bug - update - it's not a bug, it's a feature!01:40

WarRobots ECU bug - update - it's not a bug, it's a feature!

it was thought to be a bug

Update History

Update 3.0.0

Durability on levels 3-9 increased

The Écu cannot be mounted on


  • The Écu comes from King Louis IX of France, in that he made coins with the same name, with a shield and the family emblem.
  • The ECU is the only piece of equipment that can be mounted on a Light hardpoint, and a Medium hardpoint.
  • Nearly all built-in ECUs have an ability which activates them.


Level Health Cost Time
3 76,000 50k Ag -
4 84,000 40k 1 hour
5 92,000 200k 4 hours
6 101,000 400k 8 hours
7 111,000 800k 17 hours
8 122,000 1.5m 21 hours
9 134,000 3m 1d 1h
10 147,000 5m 1d 7h
11 162,000 8m 1d 18h
12 178,000 13m 2d 9h

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